King of Prussia: Blogger Meet-Up

Around 10:30am this morning, I hit the road and drove to King of Prussia to meet Erica, Pam, and Sally Anne.

KOP meetup

KOP meetup1

(pictures from Sally Anne)

We decided to eat lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery first then do a little shopping. Surprisingly, it was my first time going to the King of Prussia mall, and I was a bit overwhelmed by its size. After reviewing my bank statement this morning, I vowed not to buy anything at the mall, especially since I definitely won’t be needing spring clothing anytime soon!

It’s always fun to meet other bloggers; this was actually my fourth blogger meet-up. I met Jamie in New York City in September, Heather, Meghan, and Jenny in Baltimore in October, and Jess in November.

blogger meetup

When we parted our separate ways, it was a little after 3:30pm, so I was desperate to get updates on the Ravens game. I was able to find the game being broadcasted on the radio, and I actually ended up listening to the reports during my entire two-hour drive home. It got a little awkward when I was in my car fist-pumping and screaming, but it was too huge of a game to miss. I arrived home just as the fourth quarter was starting, and needless to say, the final result was a major disappointment.

Tomorrow is the first day that I’m finally able to work out before I intern and babysit, so I’m going to bed early this evening.

If you are a blogger, have you ever participated in a blogger meet-up?

What was the highlight of your weekend?



24 thoughts on “King of Prussia: Blogger Meet-Up

  1. king of prussia is amazing. i live about 50 minutes away. but i agree, it’s so large that it’s overwhelming and annoying at times. but at least they have everything you need!

  2. I have told the others how jealous I am of your meet up! Seriously, *so* jealous! Next time I want to tag along via skype 😉
    I am a 49’ers fan and I am super bummed right now too! 😦 *tears* … least I’m a Giants fan too but I was really pulling for SF to go to the Super Bowl!

  3. I was seriously hoping for a Harbaugh vs Harbaugh superbowl… but it definitely didn’t end up that way! Bummer! i’ve never done a blogger meet up but i’ve done a running blogger meet up at races!

  4. I love Rock Bottom! We have one in Chicago and it has the most amazing roof patio…Which obviously is currently closed. 🙂 It’s so fun actually meet other bloggers in person! I’ve met a couple of my blogger friends one-on-one for lunch or dinner but never participated in a meet-up.

  5. I love the King of Prussia mall!! I was there almost every week over the summer. I ate at that Panera more than enough times! It sounds like you had fun. I’m having my first blogger meet up this weekend!

  6. Wow- major props on making it through KOP without a purchase! 😉 I’ve tried several times and failed miserably!!
    I’ve never done a blogger meet-up but I’d like to! I just stumbled across your blog and I see you live in Baltimore?? My sister is living in Canton! I live in York- southern PA. 🙂

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