Piles of Clothes

Since I wasn’t interning on Thursday or Friday, I took advantage of my free mornings and finished the first step of the painting process in my bedroom. In seventh grade, my parents gave me the liberty to re-decorate my room myself. That was a huge mistake. I used black paint to paint over my babyish furniture (a set that I had from my childhood), and chose a vibrant turquoise for my walls. At age 12, I became obsessed with anything toile printed, so I decided I wanted a toile border. Being just shy of five feet short tall, I was unable to reach the ceiling and didn’t trust myself on a ladder. Instead, I left several inches at the top of my walls unpainted, thinking that it would be covered by the border, anyway.

As if indecisiveness isn’t a common trait among teeny-boppers, within weeks of repainting my bedroom, I was over the toile fad and onto more “fashion-forward” designs. Leaving my walls only partially painted and then going through a faze where I covered an entire wall with shopping bags–but that’s a whole different story–I finally decided that it’s time to redecorate my room, nine years later.

Though I don’t have any more credibility than I did when I was in middle school, I know that I will use my resources to the best of my ability this time. Even if my room turns out looking awful, I’ll have fully painted walls, at the very least.

Unlike when I spilled an entire bottle of hot pink nail polish on my carpet and then frantically tried to find a new “accent” rug to hide my lie, I no longer have to worry about dripping paint. Which is a good thing, because I accidentally flung the roller in the air and a glob of paint proceeded to land on the floor and on me–kind of like when you are lounging on the beach and a seagull uses your head as a dumping spot.

Now that the primer is on the walls, I need to make a trip to Home Depot and Lowe’s to pick out a paint color. I’m hoping to finish painting this weekend so that new flooring can be put in and so that I can finally have a bed in my room again. True story: I haven’t slept in a bed of my own in a year.

When I got rid of my bed, I also sold my bedroom dressers, so I’ve had a mound of clothing sitting on the floor for months. I went through the piles today and found some interesting articles of clothing that I haven’t seen in what seems like a decade. While it was mostly t-shirts in every color of the rainbow, I also found a pair of tights that I assumed one of my sisters stole and two Lululemon shirts that I thought my mom shrunk then hid from me to cover up the evidence.

Buried underneath the piles, I also came across my cap and gown from my high school graduation. Not having a purpose for it, my clutter-hating self wanted to toss it out, but I ultimately shoved it back into my closet to contemplate another day.

On a different note, I forgot to announce the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway.

Congratulations! Please email me so that I can get you in touch with Mai, who will send you your necklace!

Has a bird ever used you as a “dumping spot?” It happens just about every summer at the beach to one person in my family!

Have you recently found something that you thought you had lost?


13 thoughts on “Piles of Clothes

  1. I would have re-decorated my room ever six months in junior high and high school if I would of had the chance! Teens do change their minds a lot! Heck, I still change my mind today as I decorate my house! ……I run across crazy things when I clean but it is usually clothes that I remember from a certain occasion like a date or night out with the girls. It always brings back memories.
    Speaking of which; I need to go through my closet TODAY!!! Wonder what I’ll find?!?

  2. I want to jump in your clothes pile!! and then pick out beautiful outfits from your closet, love your style girl!!
    I can’t wait to see the finished room!
    have a great weekend!

  3. My bed would look just like that haha whenever I clean my closet I find clothes that I thought I lost! Recently I found old scrap books from middle school! Haha I was so awkward!

  4. I cannot wait to see what your room will look like! I LOVE painting. I feel like such a simple thing makes a HUGE difference in a room!

    I also love finding old clothes. It is such a thrill to re-discover clothes I forgot about!

    Also, I have totally been pooped on by a bird. It always happens to me during runs, which is awful because then I have to run home with it all over me—ugh!

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