A Day with Models

I had to work today while schools and some offices were closed, but at least it was a fun day! I had the opportunity to help with a photo shoot that was being held off-site at a local photography studio. I was the first to arrive this morning, so I had a chance to talk with the photographer, Brian, and makeup artist, Pasqua. It was interesting to talk to them for a bit and to learn about their line of work.

While another intern and I set up the shoes and accessories, the four models tried on dresses then had their hair and makeup done. One of the models, Claire, had her fish-tale braid re-braided at least four times over the course of several hours! With the addition of feather extensions weaved in, it turned out really cool!

fishtail braid

I was able to watch a few of the models on set—I quickly learned that being creative while looking pretty is not easy. Like some of the girls, I would have been completely nervous and would have had difficulty with thinking of poses on the spot.


Between Brian’s direction and the music blasting in the studio, the girls easily relaxed and ended up taking amazing photos. I can’t wait to see the spread in the upcoming issue!

Claire is actually friends with my younger sister, so I also chatted with her for a while in between takes. (I also had to hold her braid in place while the hairdresser was touching up another girl!) Overall, it was a really fun experience!

Since I didn’t have to babysit afterwards, I came home this afternoon and began prepping my bedroom to be painted. I put the project on hold last week, but I’m hoping to paint the room within the next few days.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! I will be picking a winner Wednesday morning.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Seeing the Ravens advance to the championships!

Did you have to work/go to school today?


18 thoughts on “A Day with Models

  1. The 49ers are advancing also! (I for one did not watch more than 10 minutes of the game, but hey there’s room on our bangwagon for everyone right?) 🙂

    I didn’t have to work today and it was glorious – I went to the gym with my mom, went to lunch, and did some shopping – fabulous!

  2. I had to work yesterday–booo for no holiday breaks! However, it looked like you were a busy bee! I would be the WORST model ever. That would be so much pressure! However, her hair is GORGEOUS!

  3. I had to play model today in photography class – it’s not easy! Plus I wasn’t exactly looking my prettiest as I wasn’t prepared or anything, which made it even more difficult. You have to be confident to be a model, that’s for sure!

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