My Awkward Video Blog

Since I’m pressed on time tonight, I thought I’d try something different and record a video. I always love when other bloggers do vlogs, so I hope you enjoy it!

Do I sound as you imagined I would?


20 thoughts on “My Awkward Video Blog

  1. Good luck at your internship tomorrow! My intern days were some of my best. Your voice actually sounds how I imagined it would (that seems kind of creepy). My voice is actually pretty deep, so maybe you’ll hear it one of these days if I get the nerve to post up a vlog lol.

  2. I love it when people do vlogs!!!! And that’s SO funny that you used to shower at 3am to “save time” and I also love that you were concerned about saving time when you were in elementary school 😉

  3. I feel so awkward that I am watching this right now…. haha!! Hearing your voice through the computer makes me realize that we do kind of sound alike! Now I know what people are saying… f

  4. Wait I love this. And you sound exactly as I thought you would. Which furthers my point that if you would just pack up and move to San Francisco already we would absolutely be friends. Good luck today!!!

  5. Keep the Vlogs coming!!! You are too adorable. Your voice is exactly what I would have expected! I love that you did the random things post via Vlog. I still cannot believe that you know when you are going to faint. That is CRAZY! I have never fainted, but always kinda wanted to so that I could know what it felt like…yeah, I am strange. 🙂

    I cannot wait to know how the internship goes!

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