Shop Til You Drop [Your Blackberry]

I met my friend Melissa at the mall this morning to catch up and to do some shopping. Little did she know, I also had an inordinate amount of returns–my arms practically broke off as I lugged the huge bags from the parking garage to the mall entrance. Being the good friend that she is, Melissa was willing to carry one of the bags for me.


We met at Nordstrom, so I first had links removed from watches that I had bought a few months ago. Now that they fit my wrist, I can actually start wearing them! I received a lotion gift set from Bath and Body Works, but I have sensitive skin and prefer fragrance-free products, so I returned it in exchange for store credit.

We then made our way to Gap to return four pairs of pants that I had bought for my brother—none of them fit! I didn’t have the correct receipt for one of the pairs, but the woman helping me was so kind and allowed me to return them anyway. My stack of items to return was finally diminishing by this point, though Melissa was still holding a shopping bag with two cumbersome coats inside. I had bought Zach a wool coat from J.Crew for Christmas (I ordered two different sizes since I was unsure of the fit), but he ended up finding a similar Calvin Klein jacket for half the price a few days later. J.Crew was already stocked with spring clothing; while I loved several of the pieces, it certainly is not getting warm any time soon in Baltimore.

Melissa and I stopped in Anthropologie, where I found a skirt and a feminine, beaded dress—both on sale!


After going to a few more places and finishing the last of my returns, Melissa unfortunately had to leave. We walked back to Nordstrom and briefly scoped out the selection at Rack. I was so tempted to buy a gorgeous Marc Jacobs bag that was marked 65% off (originally over $1100!), but I remembered that I had just received an amazing handbag yesterday.


One of the families that I babysit for was extremely generous and gave me the Transatlantic bag from Anthropologie as a Christmas gift. I absolutely love it! I have been searching for a bold-colored bag for several months, so it’s perfect. Plus, it has plenty of room to hold all of my necessities.


I wanted to go to Pottery Barn and BCBG, so I headed to that side of the mall after saying goodbye to Melissa. Much to my excitement, I discovered that a West Elm store had opened at Towson Town Center. I have been in need of a lacquer tray from West Elm, but didn’t want to order it online, so I was happy that I could buy it this afternoon.

Out of habit, I always pull my Blackberry out of my purse and place it in my console before I start driving. I initially couldn’t find it, but I just assumed that it was wedged between my wallet and my iPad, or hiding beneath a pile of receipts. I started to drive away while continuing to rummage through my bag with one hand. Then it occurred to me—I remembered placing it on the counter while signing my receipt at West Elm.

Ironically, I had a conversation with Melissa earlier in the day stating that I have never lost my phone. I panicked, and immediately drove back to the mall. I rushed back to the store and thankfully, my Blackberry was safe behind the counter.

Have you ever lost your phone before? Did you find it?


33 thoughts on “Shop Til You Drop [Your Blackberry]

  1. Haha wow that’s quite a day of shopping!

    I’m SO glad they had your phone!!! I’ve lost one phone (somewhere at a sushi place) had one stolen out of my gym bag when I Was coaching cheerleading, and one stolen out of my luggage when I was in the JFK airport. So yeah, I’ve lost a couple of phones,haha

    It’s the worst feeling! I’m so glad you got it back!

  2. I love that bag! What a lovely present from your employers!

    I haven’t lost my phone, but I’ve left it at home when I go to work before and I feel so disconnected all day (in spite of the fact that I sit in front of a computer).

  3. Dang, you did some serious shopping/returning!
    I always misplace my phone, Just yesterday I couldn’t find it all day, I went to work without it, searched the house when I got home, and couldn’t find it. Turns out it was under the covers in my bed. Go figure! I have gotten used to it, but I hate not having my phone. I feel naked.

  4. Thanks! I went and I couldn’t find it. ohh well… guess something was telling me I needed to save my money and quit being a shopaholic. ps: Hope you are doing really well and having lots of fun this new year! : )

  5. I love the bag. I’m currently in the market for a bag in that kind of color. I’ve got my heart set on a Prada Saffiano tote in the color papaya, but who knows if it will be in the budget. Enjoy the new bag it’s gorgeous!!

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