You’re Painting a Rug?

Because I had to work at 6:30am yesterday morning, I didn’t have to work again until later in the evening. I was free the entire day, so it was the perfect time to finish my chevron rug. I met my dad at Lowe’s to pick up a can of paint and a few other things. I contemplated the idea of painting the rug red, but I eventually decided against it. I tend to steer away from red because I find it to be a bit too severe at times.

Ultimately, I wanted the accent rug to compliment the rest of the room, so I chose a shade of blue instead.


When the gentleman who was mixing my paint asked what kind of sheen I wanted, I paused, then told him flat. Sensing my hesitation, he further asked what room I would be painting. I told him I was actually painting a rug and he was beyond curious. He wished me luck and told me to come back with a full report along with a picture. Luckily, I can tell him that it turned out wonderfully!

I laid the rug on top of a plastic drop cloth then began painting away.


I first tried to use a small roller, but quickly discovered that a roller required extra attention. I didn’t cover my white areas, so I was extremely careful not to paint outside of the lines (though I nearly dripped a huge glob of blue paint all over it!). Unless you want a distressed pattern, I do not suggest using a roller.


The first full zig-zag took me an hour to paint because I wanted to form a technique. I learned that the best method was to use a 2” paint brush to paint the bulk of the pattern, then use a 1” paint brush to paint along the edges. This helped to fill in all of the crevices and grooves in the rug.

As the paint began to dry, I started to notice small, white dots where the paint did not permeate. I went back to fill in these gaps, but the paint had already dried a significant amount and thus resulted in a bit of a streaky look. Once there is some traffic on the rug, it will become a bit weathered and look more natural.

While watching the newest episodes of Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, and The Bachelor, I finished painting in six hours. I was anxious to peel off the tape to reveal the results, but I restrained myself and waited several hours. There was a little bit of bleeding, though I’m overall happy with the finished product. It was tiring and tedious, but worth the effort.



My closet is almost complete, now that I have added in a few other decorative touches. Jen found this piece at Goodwill for $6 and it’s perfect for the space—I needed a side table of some sort, but wanted something that was functional and had height.


Colorful books and magazines are on the bottom, along with adorable Audrey Hepburn coasters.


They certainly are the most fashion forward coasters that I have ever seen.


I also love this wine bottle light that a relative crafted; it illuminates the room beautifully at night.


Are you a fan of the color red or is it too bold for you? I like red on occasion, but I usually prefer more soothing colors.


39 thoughts on “You’re Painting a Rug?

  1. Love how the rug turned out. It looks beautiful!! I also love the wine lights. So creative of you to think of that!

    I like red but it’s too bold for me and I would choose another color like blue too.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is my favorite post yet! I love how the rug turned out! I always like Chevron prints. The side table is really cool and I love the Audrey Hepburn coasters too. I have several black and white Audrey Hepburn framed prints in my condo at school that I love.

  3. LOVE the lights in the wine bottle; might have to steal that idea from you mostly because it will give me a good excuse to drink copious amounts of wine and tell my husband that I’m drinking for the sake of home decorating.

  4. I love, LOVE, love the way that it turned out! All of your effort paid off, it is so stunning in your new closet/room! ….Everything has come together so nicely! The wine bottle and coaster are the perfect touch, so cute!
    I love to wear the color red but I would never paint a room red or have something really large red because I do find it harsh at times. NOT in clothes or lipstick though, always beautiful there!

  5. That rug looks great! I used to do creative things with my dad all the time this really inspires me to make something crafty 🙂 Thanks for sharing lovely pictures!

  6. The rug looks TOTALLY Kate Spade! I LOVE it! You should totally open up a shop on Etsy and sell rugs. I would be your first customer! You are seriously talented, Colleen!

    I lovelovelove red! I never used to, but lately it is one of my favorites!

  7. Wow your closet is awesome! It must be nice just spending time in there 🙂 And I am impressed with the rug. If I had an apartment bigger than a shoebox I might have wanted to try it!

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