Patterns on Repeat

Before heading back home yesterday in time to watch the Ravens game, Jen and I stopped at a few stores to look for accent furniture. Now that my walk-in closet is nearly complete, I am redecorating my bedroom. I loved Anthropologie’s crowned crane duvet cover, so I bought it over seven months ago, hoping that I would still love it when I began the decorating process.

duvet cover

Thankfully, I’m happy that I made the purchase and am now trying to pull together other elements in the room. I’ve ordered a new bed, but since it has yet to arrive, I’m finding it difficult to make some decisions regarding other furniture in the room. Jen and I found an adorable nightstand at Home Goods, though I ended up not purchasing it. I have so many design ideas—they just aren’t cohesive!

My goal is to finish my closet and my bedroom before my hectic school, work, and internship schedule sets in, so I spent the bulk of the day working on a DIY project. I knew that I wanted to incorporate a chevron pattern somewhere in one of my rooms and I decided that a rug would be the most doable. However, when I began searching for a rug, I was disappointed by the selection. I wanted a large and bold pattern, which limited my options. Instead of settling with a different rug, I bought a plain white one from Ikea.


Knowing that I would need to be meticulous and extremely concentrated, I avoided this project for a few weeks. As soon as I finished nannying this morning, I came home to tackle this project. Apparently you do use geometry in real life. I measured the dimensions of the rug then created a template to use for the pattern. Despite measuring it exactly and using a protractor to construct perfect angles, the design was off a bit.


I nearly gave up after attempting to find an effective method several different ways, but I ended up reverting to a free-hand technique. Five hours later, my pattern is taped to the rug and I’m pleased with the results. Leave it to my dad to tell me that he doesn’t think that the tape will last over time. I kindly explained that I will be painting the rug and removing the tape. I have to pick out a color tomorrow, but stay tuned for the finished project!


Time to watch The Bachelor!

Are you good with completing tedious tasks? I would have given up almost instantly if I didn’t want a chevron rug so badly!

Are you watching this season of The Bachelor?


27 thoughts on “Patterns on Repeat

  1. SO excited for this season of the Bachelor. Truth be told, I was super happy that Ashley didn’t pick Ben; I thought he was way too good for her. I can’t wait for another drama-filled season of tears and “I love you even though we’ve only hung out twice” episodes!

  2. You are a creative genius/artist. Holy Smokes! That rug is to DIE for! Love. Love. Love.

    I am the worst at tedious projects. The. Worst. I have a tendency to start with gusto and then complete burn out.

    I had to watch the entire Jake Pavelka season of The Bachelor on repeat in 3 days for a feminist theory paper I wrote and basically completely burned out. He ruined it for me. Booo.

  3. LOVE that comforter… I Imagine your room looking very romantic!

    Can’t wait to see the rug – love DIY projects.

    Yes, I am watching the bachelor – if you were on twitter last night you prob saw me comment on it every 3 seconds, whoops! I’ve watched for as long as I can remember and my sister was on the show a few years ago!

  4. That’s dedication!!! But it’s so beautiful!!! That’s so funny that you’d have to geometry. That’s exactly how I feel whenever an instance comes up when I’m forced to use any sort of math/science in life.

  5. I think it is great how you are doing so many DIY projects! I really wish I were as creative as you! One of my goals coming up is to organize my room/closet/etc., and I could really use some tips. I love the rug!

  6. I can’t wait to see your room! I bet it’s going to look amazing since you did a fantastic job with your closet! 😀

  7. I loveeee the bedspread- Pete and I have been looking for new bedding to register for and I never even thought to check Anthro- wish I could register there haha
    Love your DIY project 🙂

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