Holiday Cards and Crocodile Rain Boots

I tuned in to Live! with Kelly this morning when Kelly and Josh Groban were discussing a recent news story. In North Carolina, a 9-year-old boy was suspended for sexual harassment after telling his friend that he thought a teacher was “cute.” Both Kelly and Josh agreed that the punishment was unnecessary. After admitting that he had made a mistake, the principal of the elementary school resigned abruptly last night. While I also think that the suspension was exorbitant, I don’t believe that the principal should have been forced to either quit or be fired.

On a cold and rainy day in Baltimore, I wish that I could just curl up on the sofa with a good book, but I have several things on my to-do list, including sending out our Christmas cards!

Christmas Card 2011

I ordered them in October, so I have been anxiously waiting to send them out. I love receiving other families’ holiday cards then putting them on display in our house. We usually hang them on the back of our front door, but I’m thinking of making a DIY project (a wreath made out of cards) that I just saw on the Today show.

Card Wreath

Time to brave the rain! At least I can still look somewhat put-together in the wet weather wearing my metallic crocodile rain boots!

rain boots

[the leopard-print interior is my favorite touch]

What are your thoughts on the suspension?

Do you send out holiday cards? How do you display the holiday cards that you receive?

Do you own rain boots—what do they look like?


34 thoughts on “Holiday Cards and Crocodile Rain Boots

  1. NOT to sound conceded but I have my kiddos tell me that I’m pretty or cute or lookin’ good all the time. They are kiddos that are loving their teacher at that age- AND learning how to suck up too!!!! That is waaayyyy harsh!
    What a cute family all of you make!

  2. I love leopard!! these are cute and classy! you definitely are miss Jimmy Choo! 😉
    I got my bachelors from UW in Seattle, the land of rain…so I hate to admit but I had a serious love for buying rain boots. I have 2-pairs of Hunter’s: Red/Black. Now I live in the land of sun so I never wear them…I could use some rain! 🙂
    I hope you had a great day looking chic in your boots! xoxo!

  3. Cool! I love it and i want to have it now right away! lol. Seriously i always love wearing rainboots because im comfortable with it, specially nowadays winter is coming so we need to ready our pair of rainboots.

  4. I’m thinking missing recess would’ve been more appropriate, but it’s sad that the principal quit. As a teacher, if THAT’S harassment… oh my.

    You’re Christmas cards are TOO CUTE!!

  5. WOW. that makes me wonder if the kid had some history that’s unknown to us? Because that’s a brutal punishment!! I LOVE those boots! Too cute, there’s nothing better then finding a cute article of clothing that has an unexpected interior!

  6. 1) Your family Christmas Card is AMAZING! So cute!
    2) That wreath card-holder is my favorite! I want one so badly!
    3) Your boots are too adorable.

    Chase and I sent out Christmas cards for the very first time ever. It feels so grown-up! I always love getting cards and putting them on the fridge.

  7. Your boots are amaaaaaazing! I have bright yellow Tory Burch boots which I love but I actually have a really hard time matching them to my outfits…so they probably weren’t the most practical purchase. I may have to put in a few more hours at work so I can invest in a pair of Jimmy Choo rain boots! That wreath idea is super cute too! If you’re looking for some holiday crafting ideas you should check out You need an invite but you can browse without one, and they have so many ideas for crafting and decorating and baking!

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