My Personal Meal Plan

After posting my tips on eating healthily with a busy schedule, I received several follow-up emails with questions from readers. As soon as I tell someone that I have an interest in nutrition and strive to eat a balanced diet, I’m asked to describe what kinds of food I eat. In fact, that is the most common question I’ve received over the years, since changing my eating habits. I have never struggled with my weight, but I made health a priority in high school, when I first became interested in the subject.

I’ve never participated in “What I Ate Wednesday” and I don’t post what I eat on a daily basis simply because it can get boring. Unless I have a particularly good recipe or make the effort to style my food in a presentable matter, I don’t find discussing my daily eats to be enticing—for you or for me. Quite frankly, I hate putting thought into basic meals, so I generally eat similar foods on a day-to-day basis.

There are several staples in my diet that I haven’t altered in over four years—like Greek yogurt and eggs. On Christmas morning during my senior year of high school, I cooked myself an omelet to eat alongside the pancakes that my dad had made. At that point, I had been eating eggs for breakfast every single day, so my family groaned at the fact that I was making them again. Along with trying to convince me that I was soon going to turn into an egg (it has yet to happen), my family made a running bet that I was would soon get tired of omelets and swear them off for the rest of my life. To their dismay, I was still eating eggs on Christmas morning the following year.

The main point is that you would never want to see a damn egg again if you saw it on my blog day in and day out. However, per readers’ request, I am more than willing to share what a typical day of food looks like for me. Please be advised that this is merely an example and this is what works well for me. I eat about six small meals a day, so you’ll notice that my “snacks” are relatively large and are comparable to my meals. As always, my disclaimer remains the same: I am a professional nothing, therefore everything that I say is backed only by personal experiences and my own research.


When it comes to oatmeal, I tend to side with Goldilocks—it has to be cooked just right. I recently started an early morning job that requires me to leave the house at 6:45am, so a bowl of oatmeal is ideal because it can cook in the microwave while I am getting ready. I used to only like it baked, but now I enjoy it cooked with water, assuming that it is topped with dark chocolate chips. I also start each day off with a protein shake—water mixed with one scoop of whey powder in my BlenderBottle.



For a morning snack, typically before my workout, I’ll eat a bowl of plain 0% Greek yogurt and mixed berries. I’ll also include a fat source, like a small handful of almonds.

4th of july in a bowl


After my workout, I have a double-chocolate protein shake mixed with Chia seeds.

protein shake with chia


I generally eat lunch shortly after my workout, so it is usually on the smaller side. My lunch tends to consist of a Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger with a serving of vegetables on the side, like carrots or broccoli.

veggie burger with carrots


In the late afternoon or early evening, I’ll eat an omelet using one whole egg and several egg whites. I like to stuff my omelets with cheese and vegetables, like spinach, onions, and peppers. I’ll also have a serving of vegetables on the side.

egg in mexico


I have never been a fan of large meals, especially dinner. If I could, I would eat breakfast foods all day long. I prefer sweet foods over savory foods, so my dinners are usually pretty small—a protein source, like shrimp or chicken, paired with a serving of vegetables and a source of fat, like avocado.

shrimp and green beans


While I don’t have dessert every day of the week, I certainly indulge on many occasions—whether it’s trying out a new decadent recipe or simply getting ice cream with friends.

bb 1

Do we eat any of the same foods?

Are there staples in your diet that you eat on a regular basis?

Any questions?


11 thoughts on “My Personal Meal Plan

  1. Greek yogurt and berries are a staple for me too!!! As are smoothies 🙂 Both make an appearance almost every day!

    I’m actually NOT an egg fan at all. I really really want to be, especially because they’re SO protein packed… but it’s just not my favorite thing!

  2. Your dessert looks delicious! I eat yogurt, granola/cereal, bread, nuts and nut butters, chocolate, apples, ice cream, and carrots ALL THE TIME.

    But I’m trying to find some new faves to mix it up, so I’m doing NaNeFoMo (National New Food Month). I’d love it if you’d join me! You can grab the button from my sidebar and read more about the rules (aka, how to win) here:

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