Thanksgiving Fiascos

My mom is in Florida right now, so it was up to me to take care of the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving this year. We always host holiday dinners at my house and we do 100% of the cooking. Luckily, it’s only for ten of us, but it still requires quite a bit of planning.

I prepared a master shopping list and headed to Wegmans this morning. I always make a grocery list before going to the store, but I hardly ever refer to my list while shopping. Most items I buy are out of habit, or I commit the list to memory. I was able to remember the majority of the food on today’s list, but I definitely checked over it to ensure that we wouldn’t have any food fiascos come Thursday (especially since it would be my fault!).

Wegmans was already packed by 9:30am, bustling with people on a mission to find all of the items on their list. Before going, I knew it would be busy given that it’s two days before Thanksgiving, but some people seemed aggravated by the crowds. One woman was particularly rude as she tried to navigate her way through an aisle—her annoyance was evident as she sighed heavily and loudly mumbled an “excuse me” in a harsh tone to an elderly couple. Everyone has bad days, but I think far too many people lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays. Simple things that I was taught as a child—treat others the way you’d like to be treated; patience is a virtue—seem to be overridden at times in a society full of greed. Therefore, I thought it was completely acceptable to mutter the word bitch under my breath as the woman passed by me.

In addition to shopping for Thanksgiving, I also needed to pick up a few regular groceries, resulting in an overflowing shopping cart. Several people commented on my cart and I swear I even got some funny looks—they were probably debating whether or not I would be cooking it all on Thursday, and whether or not I know how to cook. Let’s hope I do because I’m in charge of about six different recipes!

TG groceries

In fact, as soon as I came home, I started on making a dessert.



If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweet, but can you guess what I made? I’m keeping the dessert wrapped up until Thursday, but it’s something that I have been dying to make for a while now.

My dad is working late tonight, so I’m making dinner tonight and taking Brian to basketball practice…I better get cooking!

Who does the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving in your family?

What are you in charge of making this year?

What are your thoughts on people during the holidays?

Any guesses of what dessert I made?


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fiascos

  1. Fun! I love seeing family during the holidays. In my family, the preparation for Thanksgiving is always done together. We shop for the food, decorate and prepare everything together. It makes it way more fun and and less work than just having one person do it. I usually get the job of making rolls, mashed potatoes and making place cards. Hope you have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. I’m in charge of making dessert this year for thanksgiving!
    I don’t know what you’re making but I’m sure it will be delicious! Can’t wait to see what it is. 🙂

  3. While I did get out of the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving because I am in NJ, I plan on heading home after work if the weather isn’t bad so that I can help with the preparations! Your experience at the store with the mean lady is exactly why I don’t want to go out shopping on Black Friday. As much as I would love to, I think grouchy people would ruin it for me. Holiday shopping is supposed to be fun! 🙂

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