Chocolate Heath Bar Covered Bananas

For a nutritious dinner tonight, I made my low-fat chicken parmesan and paired it with an assortment of vegetables and black beans. Brian and Alison both loved the entire meal, which is always a good sign.


Just as I was cleaning up the kitchen, Ali mentioned that her science class was having a party tomorrow (read: she needed me to bake her something to take in). I wanted to make something easy and didn’t have the energy to ice a batch of cupcakes, so I settled on a loaf of pumpkin bread. The house now smells fantastic!

When I thought I was finally done in the kitchen, Brian asked for some kind of dessert. I spotted a bunch of bananas in the fruit bowl and instantly decided to make chocolate-covered bananas. I dipped the bananas in melted dark chocolate then coated them with Heath toffee bits.


Super easy and relatively healthy!

My mom is just now getting home from the airport so I’m going to go say hi to her!

What did you have for dinner tonight? What about dessert?


20 thoughts on “Chocolate Heath Bar Covered Bananas

  1. We had a birthday party for my grandmother tonight. My dinner consisted of a delicious brussel sprout/pecan dish, a spinach, tomato, cheese dish, and a ton of celery dipped in artichoke dip. Lots of random sides!

  2. Ooh I love heath!! That sounds likea great dessert, especially after chicken parm which is one of the best meals ever. I’ll probably be holding off on anything too desserty tonight… nothing will live up to what I’m excited for tomorrow!!

  3. You are BRILLIANT! That is such an easy dessert idea, but I never think of making desserts that don’t require baking. I am totally going to make these!

    Last night I made Chicken Taco Soup. Basically, I was only had a pantry full of canned goods, so I had to get creative–my parents liked it, but I was not crazy about it!

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