Moving Neutral Review

When I was in New York for Fashion Week this past September, I met Katy, the adorable blogger behind Sugarlaws. I had the pleasure of meeting her before the Supima show, discussing our similarities—our food and fashion blogs—and gushing over the fact that we were in the same room as Rachel Zoe.

rachel zoe

I had then met up with Katy later that night in SoHo for Fashion’s Night Out. After chatting with her some more and seeing her throughout the week in the tents, I could tell that she was as kind and friendly in person as she is in her blog. I have become an avid reader of Sugarlaws; Katy is truly an aspiration and I am in awe of her accomplishments!

katy comptoir

On Friday, when Katy announced the release of her very first novel, Moving Neutral, I was beyond excited for her. I downloaded the Kindle for iPad application and purchased her book immediately.

moving neutral

Playing by the rules may be the safe choice, but it certainly won’t implant you on your favorite band’s tour bus. After crashing her car into her parents’ garage, Casey Snow is faced with the decision to completely defy her parents, or risk everything for the opportunity of a lifetime. The summer before starting college at Columbia University, Casey finds herself sleeping on a bunk-bed in Moving Neutral’s tour bus and dating the lead guitar player, Blake Parker. Unfortunately, Casey clashes terribly with the band’s bombshell blonde, ultimately buying herself a one-way ticket back to Rockland, Connecticut, returning to her lifestyle as an ordinary teenager.

I am a huge fan of books that fully encompass the naivety and youthfulness of teenagers—Katy’s book does just that. It is a light read intended for young adults, but there is an underlying message that can apply to every age group. The writer encourages readers to take risks and to venture to the side of the unknown. Moving Neutral was a page-turner (well, more like a page-swiper, since I read it on my iPad), and I read it within three days. I highly suggest Moving Neutral if you are looking for a book to take you back to the days of sneaking out of your bedroom window and squealing over cute boys with your best friend.

Moving Neutral is currently available on Amazon, but will also be for sale on iBooks and through Barnes and Noble soon. Congratulations, again, Katy!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for my time or thoughts. All opinions are my own.


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