Bringing Back the Jean Jacket

Before I get dressed, I’ll often plan an outfit out in my head. I will mentally scan my closet, thinking of different combinations. However, I hardly ever wear my originally planned outfit. A minimum of six articles of clothing must end up on the floor before I make any choices. In fact, my favorite outfits are ones that develop over the process of getting dressed.


Jean Jacket: Gap

Navy and Cream Striped Sweater: J.Crew

Army Green Felted Wool Mini Skirt: J.Crew

Black Ribbed Tights: J.Crew

Gray Boots: Frye

Printed Scarf: Nordstrom

Tortoise Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

The only item that remained constant throughout my many wardrobe changes were my tights. Needless to say, my bedroom now looks like a bomb went off. Wool mini skirts are a staple in my closet in the fall—I love that they can be worn with boots, sky-high heels, or even a cute pair of clogs.


Horn Jet Set Watch: Michael Kors

Bracelets: J.Crew

When I was running out the door, I realized that it was cooler than I had expected, so I grabbed my worn-in jean jacket. I’ve had this jacket since the beginning of eighth grade—when I wore it all the time—but I haven’t pulled it out of my closet in years. Unless an item is super trendy, I don’t ever get rid of a piece of clothing. You never know; you just might need it seven years later.


Five hundred Ralph Lauren Polos in every color of the rainbow, on the other hand, probably won’t be needed.

Natalie, Ali, and I spent the afternoon yesterday running errands and doing a little shopping. We stopped at Uptown Cheapskate, an upscale consignment shop, which opened in Timonium at the end of summer. I get extremely overwhelmed at stores with a lot of inventory—there’s so much to go through!

uptown cheapskate


When I’m scouring racks and racks of clothing, I have the mindset that if it doesn’t catch my eye right away, then I don’t need to purchase it. This is usually beneficial to my wallet. Until I found a one-of-a-kind, beaded Badgley Mischka dress tucked deep in a rack amongst less than stellar pieces. It was the only rack that I thumbed through thoroughly, so it had to have been fate. Right? One thing was for sure: I wasn’t leaving without it. Along with some jewelry, I also scored a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses that I found while standing in line.

Afterward, we went to Old Navy without knowing that a major sale was going on at the time. The line wrapped around all the way to the back of the store, but the deals were too good to pass up. For five hours yesterday, outerwear was 75% off. Plus, we had a coupon for $30 off of our purchase. I love a classic wool peacoat, but brightly colored jackets are a fun way to liven up a winter outfit. I spotted an orange double-breasted coat and a plum toggle coat in my size and grabbed them immediately. They were a mere $20 each!

plum coat

orange coat

We came home for dinner then went back out to drive my mom to the airport. We couldn’t resist stopping at Arundel Mills, a large outlet mall located a few minutes away from the airport. We didn’t make any extraordinary purchases, though I did find an awesome holiday decoration. Unfortunately, Natalie and Ali wouldn’t let me buy the life-size Santa Claus. I’m not sure why?

santa claus


I dropped Ali off at a friend’s house and Natalie at home, then headed to my friend Molly’s house. Lizzie and Karen, two girls I went to high school with, also came over. We watched Crazy, Stupid, Love while catching up. I hadn’t seen them in a long time, so it was nice to see old friends!

Have you ever found anything amazing at a consignment/thrift shop?

Do you like sifting through racks of clothing, or do you prefer more organized shopping?

Anyone else secretly want a life-size Santa to put on display in their house?


29 thoughts on “Bringing Back the Jean Jacket

  1. Nice score on the cheap jackets!!!! And I’m the same way about choosing outfits… I mentally pick something out, and then I usually end up changing my mind, haha

    I scored THREE sweet dresses from a consignment shop on Friday, so I’m ready for holiday parties!!!

  2. Holy. Smokes. I am so jealous of your amazing finds! Can we PLEASE see the Badgley Mischka find?!?! Often consignment stores super stress me out.I have to be mentally prepared to shop at one. Speaking of consignment treasures, have you seen Fashion Hunters on Bravo? I want to go to a NYC consignment–vintage Tiffany purses, Manolo Blahnik shoes…I die! 🙂

    I LOVE the Old Navy coats. I feel like their inventory is hit or miss, but when it is a hit–it is a BIG one!

    P.S. That Santa is super creepy. I cannot even imagine walking into a dark room and seeing him in the corner–I would freak out!

    • Yes! I will post it soon! And I have only caught a few minutes of the show Fashion Hunters! The consignment shops in NYC are definitely far better than the ones in most other locations–though you have to be able to find the good stuff!

      Haha, I’m not sure why, but I just love the life-size Santa!!

  3. When I’m deciding what I want to wear, it’s after I’ve hit snooze on my alarm and I’m savoring my last few minutes in bed. I think that’s why I tend to dress like I’m still in bed!! I almost went to old navy this weekend and now I’m regretting that I didn’t! I love big sales. Plus their clothes can be cute and comfortable, which is a major win in my book!

  4. Such, such, such a cute outfit! I used to think that jean jackets are kind of mom-ish, but I’ve grown to love mine! I also love your boots — I just got a pair of Frye boots and I’m obsessed!

  5. I loved Crazy, Stupid, Love!! Unfortunately I was half studying when I watched it with my roommates, so I really need to watch it again more closely. I’m awful at shopping in stores with too much inventory. I get stressed out and overwhelmed too. I have this weird desire to look at every single rack, but when there’s too much and that’s impossible, I just leave!

  6. At first I really disliked that movie for some reason…but then I saw it again and definitely have changed my mind! It is hilarious and rather enjoyable 🙂
    Love the jean jacket… i have one in my closet and bust it out fairly often!

  7. Those jackets are really cute!
    I never find anything at thrift stores and I much prefer shopping at the mall instead Haha.
    I love your jean jacket! I love pairing it with a dress and cowboy boots. 🙂

  8. Looove that outfit! Love the layering – looks so fall and so chic. I’m a big fan of the J.Crew wool minis with sweaters and boots. I’m kind of loving knee high cable knit boot socks with riding boots too… so the socks are juuust high enough to peek out with a right-above-the-knee skirt/sweater/jacket.

  9. Haha. I thought you were describing me when you said at least six pieces end up on your floor!

    I have trouble sorting through unorganized things, so I tend to avoid consignment shops BUT as part of the New Orleans Junior League, we have to work it our thrift shop. One of our jobs is to sort through clothing that has been brought it. Um, best job ever because I’m actually helping! haha. I’ve found a few j. crew tops and some max and cleo dresses that are perfect for work!

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