Muffin Tops and Marinas

Around 6:30am yesterday morning, I woke up to the sound of rain on our balcony. As I fell back asleep, I was praying that the skies would clear and that I could continue to work on my tan. When I got out of bed an hour later and pulled open the curtains, I was so excited to see a faint rainbow in the distance.


When everyone was awake, we went to breakfast before going outside. I’m not a huge fan of pastries, but I was too curious about the croissants to pass them up. Plus, I can never miss out on chocolate. I must admit that I only ate the top of the muffin though—it’s the best part!


I was deeply entranced in my book when out of the corner of my eye, I saw an iguana approaching the beach chairs next to us. We shouted to warn the others on the beach—I certainly would not want to find a little friend in my tote bag!



The iguana pranced around on the sand, went to the bathroom in front of the crowd that had gathered, then scurried off into the trees to hang out on the rocks.


In the late afternoon, my sisters, my mom, and I went for a walk on the pier that leads to a nearby marina.


The water was so clear that we were able to see the fish swimming beneath us!


I wasn’t able to capture it fast enough, but I spotted several large fish—they were almost two-feet long!



For our last night in Curacao, we changed into pretty dresses then went to dinner at a restaurant on the resort.




The sky was gorgeous, making it even harder to leave this beautiful island.


I’m heading out to the beach for one last time, then I’ll be on a plane to Miami!


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