$30 on Candy

November is part of the rainy season in Curacao, so we unfortunately had a day without sunshine yesterday. Instead of letting the day go to waste, we planned a trip to the Hato Caves.


We arrived a mere five minutes after the 12pm tour started, so since we couldn’t catch up to the group, we had to wait for the next tour to begin. To kill time, we grabbed drinks at the bar.



We ordered a round of Amstel beers, which came in adorable tiny cans!


Because several people trickled in shortly after us, they decided to start the next tour a bit early. I ended up finishing my beer while hiking up steep steps—I found it hilarious that there were no rules about drinking while trekking through the caves!



To protect the fruit bats that live in the caves (there are nearly 400 of them!), we were only able to take pictures in the areas with natural light. It was interesting to learn that the Hato Caves were first discovered by slaves, who used them as a hiding place, nearly 250,000 years ago.

On our way back to the resort, we wanted to stop at a few stores, but they were closed, being that it was Sunday. We happened to spot a grocery store, so we immediately pulled over to check it out. We’ve seen several small markets on the island, but not any large grocery stores.


We were impressed by the expansive selection and had a little too much fun browsing the aisles.



After finding all of the products that I buy at home (Babybel cheese and Fage! yogurt), I headed to the candy section. Prices were listed in guilders, not dollars, so I somehow managed to spend $30 on candy! What can you do when a sugar craving strikes?


By the time that we returned to the Hyatt, the rain had subsided and we were able to read on the beach for a few hours. It was a little chilly without the sun beating down on us, so Natalie and I got off the beach earlier than usual. I watched the movie Life As We Know It while Natalie worked on a homework assignment out on the balcony.

Once Jen and my mom arrived, we all showered then went to dinner at Medi.


(We visited Medi at least once every day, so we were posing in front of our usual spot, pointing to the sign.)

We were brought focaccia bread to start, followed by Caesar salad. To share, we ordered the seafood risotto and the spaghetti carbonara. The risotto looked so good that I was tempted to test the limits with my seafood allergy!




I was stuffed after the carb-heavy dinner!

Time to pack so that I can enjoy a few hours on the beach tomorrow before heading to the airport!


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