Botanical Walk and Birthday Cake

To celebrate my mom’s birthday yesterday, we started the day with a botanical walk around the resort. Nathaniel, our tour guide, was attentive, funny, and knowledgeable.



He took us on an hour-long walk, pointing out the unique and beautiful plants that are found all over the island.



My sisters, my mom, and I all think it is bizarre to see cacti growing in a tropical climate, but Nathaniel informed us that it is very common in Curacao. I stayed far away to avoid getting pricked!





The 90-degree temperatures made us incredibly hot, so we jumped in the ocean as soon as our tour concluded. While lounging on the beach, I spotted an iguana perched on a nearby rock.




Nathaniel had explained to us that the iguanas typically appear in the middle of the day when the sun is shining. Because they are cold-blooded reptiles, they rely on the sun to warm themselves up. As I was taking pictures of the iguana, a male lizard creeped in front of me. It was extremely close to my bare feet—I would have freaked out if the lizard brushed up against me.


After coming off the beach, we sat at the pool bar to order appetizers and drinks.


My sisters and my mom shared an order of fish tacos while I enjoyed the chicken quesadillas.



When we came back to our room, we were surprised to find yet another special treat for my mom. The wonderful staff at the Hyatt knew that yesterday was my mom’s official birthday, so they sent her another slice of cake similar to the one that we received the night that we arrived.


The white chocolate shavings on top made the cake extra delicious! The four of us showered and changed into dresses for our dinner reservations at Shor, a restaurant located on the Santa Barbara plantation golf course.



When we were ready to go, Glenn picked us up in a golf cart limousine in front of the lobby and drove us to the restaurant. He drove so fast that I nearly fell out!

IMG_0319 copy

To start, our server Donna brought us their homemade Parker House rolls and corn bread. Though the bread was baked perfectly, the highlight of our appetizers were the homemade butters that accompanied the rolls. The homemade butters included coconut marshmallow butter, herb butter, and strawberry butter. The coconut marshmallow butter was my favorite—it was incredible!


For my main course, I ordered the shrimp cocktail. Unfortunately, I was allergic to 90% of the menu, so I had to keep dinner simple.


With that being said, everyone else’s meals looked (and smelled!) amazing. My mom ordered the mahi filet with mashed potatoes and Natalie and Jen shared a salmon filet with mac and cheese. I was sad to miss out on the side of lobster ravioli that they ordered as well!



At the end of dinner, Donna and the rest of the staff at Shor surprised my mom with a warm brownie with a chocolate sauce and homemade vanilla bean ice cream. The entire restaurant joined us in singing happy birthday to her, which was an extra nice touch. It was a successful birthday celebration!

Have you ever had flavored butter before?

Do you get embarrassed when people sing to you on your birthday in a restaurant? I do not like all of that attention on me!


6 thoughts on “Botanical Walk and Birthday Cake

  1. I definitely get embarrassed being the center of attention at restaurants. I was recently at Melting Pot for my birthday, and I am so glad my boyfriend knows me well enough not to surprise me with everyone singing happy birthday! All that food looks SO good!

  2. Um, I want a GIANT bowl full of coconut marshmallow butter–HOLY SMOKES. That sounds stinking amazing. Also, I love the golf cart limo! 🙂

    What are your food allergies? My seafood allergy is often tricky when we travel to tropical locales. However, being creative with menus is often quite an adventure!

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