Coconut Turnover, McFlurry, and Mojito

We started the day with another delicious breakfast at Medi. I ordered another omelet this morning, along with a lemon muffin, a coconut turnover, fresh fruit, and some kind of egg thing. The egg was baked in a pastry sheet cup, making it cute and fun to eat, but it unfortunately was not very good. However, the coconut turnover was so good. The filling was similar to that of an Almond Joy—in fact, a little bit of chocolate would have made that turnover even more delicious!


Our server noticed that I was taking pictures of my food so I explained that I wasn’t a weirdo and actually had a purpose for the pictures. She was so sweet and even told me that the chef had specially prepared a plate of pancakes for a man sitting at a nearby table so that I could take a picture of them.


The man’s wife was sitting at the table while I was taking pictures, but he was still at the buffet at the time. When the man came back to the table and saw me hovering over his fluffy pancakes, it was obvious that he was a bit confused. The server quickly explained the situation and we then insisted that the chef come out to take a picture.


Of course I couldn’t do any of this discreetly. I had caused quite a ruckus and the entire restaurant was focused on us by this point. At least everyone began clapping as the chef came out, rather than shoot dirty looks my way for ruining their breakfast experience!

By 11am, we were on the beach and felt the sun beating down as soon as we laid out our towels. We went into the ocean almost immediately and nearly got attacked by the swarm of pelicans that had appeared in search of fish. When one particular pelican bomb-dived a little too close for comfort, we all screamed, hoping that it wasn’t about to land on our heads. Two women were swimming near us and were also startled by the pelican, thinking that it was a reckless child.

We ended up talking to Margo and Debrah for nearly two hours after learning that they are from Brooklyn, New York, and that Margo knows a woman who I worked directly with during Fashion Week. Small world, huh? It always fascinates me to meet people while on vacation and to hear their personal story—especially when you discover a random connection!

Margo and Debrah were certainly very interesting people; Margo is the owner of Cake Bliss, a couture and very well-known cake design company in New York. She also is in the fashion industry as an event planner, so we easily spent a large portion of the afternoon chatting away. We even discussed an opportunity to work with her on an awesome project!

Unfortunately, we had to cut our time short at the beach because we were headed back to the airport to pick up a special guest: my older sister! Because she had a conference in Orlando this week, we originally thought that she wouldn’t be able to join us in Curacao. Luckily, she was able to fly out this morning to make it to the island by the late afternoon. I was the navigator, and we followed the directions provided by the hotel exactly.


….That is until I was too busy reading buses that read, “Come closer. You can’t get HIV from being friends.” Hmm, I’m pretty sure that one is disputable. Though I did see a sign with an uplifting quote, I failed to see a sign indicating the way that we needed to go.


When the directions didn’t match our location, I knew that we had missed a turn, but I didn’t want to freak my mom out, so I let her continue to drive for another five minutes. Miraculously, just as we were about to turn around, I saw a sign for the airport. We found our way, were on time to pick Jen up, and even discovered a short cut!


I also might have pretended to be a local and snapped some pictures of Jen as she exited the airport, as if she was a long-lost relative from another country.


She clearly thought I was ridiculous. After coming close to having a head-on collision with another car (the other car was trying to pass the car in front of them on a skinny road), my mom was more than eager to hand over the car keys. I became the driver and had no problem taking us to get some ice cream when we all began to crave something cold and creamy.

We stopped at McDonald’s for two McFlurrys and two strawberry sundaes. Natalie and I both chose the McFlurrys, which were actually just ice cream topped with candy—large chunks of chocolate-covered coconut. Yum!


We also picked up a pizza from Pizza Hut, since we were planning on spending time at the pool once we were back at the plantation. The pizza was doughy, cheesy, and had minimal sauce—just the way I like it!


When we were back at the Hyatt, we grabbed a cabana and read for a little while watching the sunset.




It got dark fairly quickly, so we returned to our bungalow to shower and get dressed. Then the inevitable happened: we got locked out of our room just by accidentally closing the door behind us when we thought the bolt was turned. The concierge quickly fixed the issue, but not without first laughing at us. I always seem to get locked out at least once while on vacation—oops!

My mom wanted to stay back tonight, but my sisters and I went to the lobby bar to enjoy drinks out on the terrace.

coll and jen GR

colleen on terrace

I tried to coconut mojito, which was delicious! Apparently today’s theme was coconut; I’m not complaining!


Natalie, Jen, and I spent a few hours catching up and talking about the things that you only share with your sisters while sipping on our drinks. It was pure relaxation!

If you’re a blogger, have you ever had any awkward picture-taking moments?

Have you ever driven in a foreign country? What was your experience like? I’ll drive in Curacao, but definitely not in New York City!

Do you like coconut?


12 thoughts on “Coconut Turnover, McFlurry, and Mojito

  1. jealous. yummy food. jealous. nice tan already. cute outfits. jealous. nice pictures, wonder who’s camera took them. and yes, i’m jealous!!!

  2. I’ve never had an awkward picture taking moment really, but I bet that chef was so proud of their work and felt like it was being appreciated a little more since you were capturing it! The coconut turnover sounds delicious! I’ve never heard of that flavor turnover before but I definitely want to find one so I can try it!

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