Orioles, Pelicans, and Yachts

Our internal alarm clocks woke up this morning at 6:30am, but we all three agreed that it was too early to wake up on our first day of vacation! We slept for another hour before having breakfast at Medi, a restaurant in the resort. The breakfast was buffet-style, so after being seated at a table outside, we grabbed plates and loaded them up with food.

Natalie and I both placed an order at the omelet station—you know I love my eggs. I chose to stuff my omelet with spinach, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese. I also got a serving of cantaloupe and honeydew, which unfortunately wasn’t as ripe as I would prefer. I couldn’t pass up the bakery goods, so I grabbed a chocolate chip muffin as well.


The temperature outside rapidly increased as we ate our breakfast, but we were glad we chose a table on the patio as we were able to see some incredible wildlife. My mom spotted a unique-looking bird, which we later learned is a new species in Curacao. The bird has yellow and black coloring and has only been spotted on the island for about a month. We came across a guide in a convenience store this evening and discovered that the bird is actually a yellow oriole!


After we finished up breakfast, we grabbed chaise lounges by the beach. Even at 10am, it was already a sweltering 90º!


I started reading Hope in a Jar, but it wasn’t long before I needed to go in the water to cool off.


The water was the perfect temperature; it was warm, though still refreshing. Natalie even spotted several schools of fish in the water, which was pretty cool!


While we were basking in the sun, we heard a loud plop. We assumed that someone had jumped off the pier into the water, but when we looked up from our books, we realized that it was a large pelican that had dived in. Throughout the day, the same pelican frequently swooped down, grabbed a fish or two, then flew away. The pelican is not a very graceful animal!


The Hyatt has a marina nearby, so we saw several boats coming and going. I personally loved all of the sailboats, but the yachts weren’t too bad either!



Once we had our fill of sun for the day, we came back to our bungalow to eat. We then switched out of our bathing suits and into workout gear so that we could get a workout in at the fitness center. Natalie and my mom did a combination of exercises while I spent most of my time doing an upper-body workout.

I started with a mile of intervals on the treadmill, followed by several weight-lifting exercises that focused on my arms. In between sets, I jump-roped for a minute. For a cool-down, I finished up with a mile of light jogging. I love working out in a new environment, especially when I have a view of the ocean and palm trees from my cardio machine!

Now we’re laying in bed and getting ready to watch a movie (while lathering up in aloe vera gel!).

What kinds of foods do you usually like to get at breakfast buffets? I gravitate towards the sweeter options, like French toast and pastries!

What is the most exotic animal that you have seen?


10 thoughts on “Orioles, Pelicans, and Yachts

  1. I would have gone for the omelet too! I love omelets at buffets where you can get them to put in exactly what you want.

    The most exotic animal I’ve seen is probably a peacock when I was in Lisbon. It was just walking around outside! Crazy.

    I’m so jealous that you’re on an awesome vacation right now… have fun for me while I’m stuck in school!

  2. Sounds like a great vacation so far! I love Hope in a Jar! Beth Harbison hasn’t written a book yet that I don’t love-wish she would write some more!

    My favorite thing at a breakfast buffet are probably pancakes and or waffles, a little bit of fruit and some bacon if it’s available.

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