Welcome To Miami

The 3:30am alarm came rather quickly this morning, but my excitement helped me peel myself out of bed. I ate a quick breakfast, threw on my “plane outfit,” and packed up the last of my belongings. My dad was lucky enough to drive my mom, Natalie, and me to the airport this morning, shortly after 4am.

When we saw clusters of red brake lights ahead of us on the highway, we worried that we wouldn’t make our flight on time. More importantly, I was worried that I would have to run through the terminal in six-inch heels. Don’t judge; I like to travel in style. That, and there’s also the fact that my wedges wouldn’t fit in my already-stuffed-past-the-weight-limit suitcase.

stuffed suitcase


Luckily, we weren’t late and left Baltimore by 6:10am. We arrived safely in Miami a few hours later. I tried to doze off on the plane, but we were inevitably sitting in front of three very chatty women. It would have been entertaining, had their conversation not been so ridiculous. (One woman was complaining about having neck issues from a massage chair at the nail salon. Uhhh…that’s why there is the option to turn the massage off!)

When our captain notified us that we would be landing momentarily, I was relieved that I had made it through the flight without any issues. It’s no secret that I have motion sickness—it’s awful! Too bad I spoke too soon. As we were soaring downward through the clouds, I felt a knot form in my stomach. I then psyched myself out as I prayed and prayed that I wouldn’t get sick. I felt overheated, but the plane landed and I seemed a bit calmer. We were literally stopped, waiting to get off the plane, when that uncomfortable wave of nausea came over me again. I was only dry-heaving, but it was still no fun.

Natalie and my mom are resting while I’m doing a few things on my Blackberry before it’s time to unplug for a week!

Natalie in airport

I’m going to go try to find some Dramamine before catching my next flight!

What was the last place that you traveled to?


14 thoughts on “Welcome To Miami

  1. I am so jealous! I want to go away so bad. Especially somewhere warm. I’m going to Miami in January and might be moving there next summer. I’ve never been there before but I’ve heard so many great things!

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