Twitter Freak and Wedding Bells

This morning, Natalie and I went out to run some errands in preparation for our trip on Tuesday. We picked up some necessities like sunscreen and gum, then went to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures. Once my nails were dry, I checked my phone, and found quite the bizarre response in reply to my tweet.

twitter freak

Umm, no, sorry, but I am not going to take a video of someone scrubbing my feet.

The other day, I heard the news that Gina, my sorority sister and former pledge mom, is engaged.


After graduating this past May, Gina moved to Thailand with her fiancée, Craig.  She is currently working as a teacher while also planning a wedding.

gina and craig

In hopes of having the wedding of their dreams, Gina and Craig entered the Hudson Terrace Wedding Contest. I couldn’t help but smile when I read what Craig wrote:

You’ve all heard of “love at first sight” right? Yeah, Gina and I weren’t that at all; we were more like “I thought she was gorgeous and she thought I was cute but really annoying” at first site. I’m sitting here right now entering a “win a free wedding” contest though, so you’ve probably already figured out that things eventually changed between us.

We met while we were both working at a club; she was a bartender and I was her barback, which basically made me her servant and her my annoying boss. I’m not going to lie folks, we were less than nice to each other at first, always arguing over petty work issues and basically treating each other as if there was no chance that we’d ever be interested in being more than co-workers. But being stuck behind a bar together on slow nights forced us to get to know each other. I learned that she wasn’t just a really pretty girl that seemed to always need ice; she’s a woman who wants to spend her life helping kids, who’s still afraid to watch scary movies alone, and who thinks that Bugs Bunny is the greatest poet of our time; and I guess she learned that I was ok too. So now we were friends…at least at work and on the phone. I’m not kidding when I tell you folks, she wanted nothing to do with spending time with me outside of work. I asked her out for a drink, some food, a walk, with friends, without friends, daytime, night time, weekdays, weekends; she just kept saying “no”, but she kept talking to me, and she always seemed just a little too happy to see me at work every week, so I had hope. Somehow, through the grace of god and my borderline annoying persistence, I got her to have one drink with me, and that one drink led to a three hour conversation, and that three hour conversation led to our first kiss. Pretty soon after that, we started spending a lot of time together. We took care of each other when we were sick, we made each other dinner, we…ok, I’ve got to be honest; those first few months are just a haze of rainbows, blue birds, and the song “Dream Weaver” playing in my head all the time. Basically, we were inseparable…except that she was going to leave to study in Europe (for 8 weeks) three months later and was going to leave four months after that and move to another country to teach for a year. So yeah, we had zero chance of staying together, but then something crazy happened…we did.

She left for Europe with us both expecting things to fall apart; she cried, I sulked, but a day later, I had an email. The next day, she had an email. The day after that, I had two emails; the next day she had three…I’m sure you see where this is going. Someday I will get to tell our kids that I told their mother I loved her for the first time via webcam, and I’m strangely proud of that. So we made it through the first trip, and we were stronger for it…and I had some really awesome souvenirs from Europe, but there was still the little problem of her leaving four months later, and a year is a lot longer than 8 weeks. However, we were in love; we were going to hold onto each other for as long as we could; and we were going to make the most of our time together. We spent every second together, and we fell more and more in love, and before I knew it, I had decided that I was going to wait a year for her to come back so we could spend our lives together (I even got us a dog so I’d have someone to talk to). I didn’t have to wait that year though, because as I was thinking that I was going to wait, she was getting up the courage to ask me to go with her; to quit my job (martial arts instructor), pick up my life, and go clean across the world to Thailand (a place I’ve always wanted to train and that she originally had no intention of going to, but she figured I’d say yes if she picked it) to be together. What was she nuts? Thailand? It’s so hot there, and a year is so long; and it’s not like we could just pick up and move there and be ok; and we definitely couldn’t support ourselves.

So we picked up and moved to Thailand, and it’s really hot here, and we somehow find a way to support ourselves, but she loves teaching, I love training, and more than either one, we love each other, so here we are. We got engaged right before we left (I proposed in a CVS parking lot…I swear, it was nicer than it sounds) and in 6 months to a year, we will go home to claim our dog (my future in-laws have him, little guy is getting taken better care of than we are) and make official what we already know: we were meant for each other. Neither one of us saw this coming, neither one of us ever expected life to be what it is right now, but destiny has a funny way about not caring about your predictions and expectations. I’m glad it does, because now I have my soul mate, and my chance to give her the wedding she deserves.

Their unconventional and endearing love story is adorable on its own, but they still need help in making it to the next round. Individuals who wish to vote are able to vote up to ten times during the first round—even if you only vote once, they would greatly appreciate it!

Have you ever received a tweet as weird as the one I got?

How did you and your significant other meet?

Cutest movie involving a love story? My personal favorite is A Walk to Remember!


12 thoughts on “Twitter Freak and Wedding Bells

  1. Oh my gosh- this post was hilarious (twitter) and incredibly adorable! I love their story and it was very well written.

    My boyfriend and I met in high school in our precal class. We say that we had two “rounds” in our relationship. During round 1, we both liked each other but didn’t know it, so we ended up dating other people. In round 2, we had just broken up w/ our significant others, and confessed that we used to like each other. Things picked up from there and it’s been almost 5 years now! Love him more than anything 🙂

  2. Um, that tweet is AWESOME! I have definitely never had one that competes with that!

    I love that story–so cute! I will go vote!

    Chase and I met as a “Jesus Party” in college. All of the FCA, IV, and other groups on campus met for a “Root Beer Keg and Dance Party.” Ha! I just thought he was nice (and a little strange for wearing a pink shirt!). However, he e-mailed every single “Sally” at William and Mary after the party in attempt to find me. He eventually did. 🙂

  3. So cute! I love hearing how other couples got together, especially if one of them put up a bit of a fight first haha.

    I met my bf when I was 12 because our parents are friends. I had a huge crush on him forever and we finally “met again” after several years of not talking or seeing each other, and the rest is history. I win! 😉

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