Baltimore Connections

The weather has been quite pleasant these past couple of days and I’ve been taking full advantage. My workouts are being completed outdoors and I’m keeping my chunky sweaters tucked away in my closet (at least until snow is in the forecast again!). The 60-degree temperatures yesterday presented itself as the perfect opportunity to wear a short-sleeved cardigan and a pretty skirt. A monochromatic look can be drab at times, but I paired it with one of my favorite necklaces to make a statement. No, seriously, that necklace is beyond noisy. It clangs with my every move, so I make quite the entrance when I wear it.


Green Cardigan: Remain via Nordstrom

White Cotton T-shirt: J.Crew

Green Bubble Skirt: J.Crew

Gray Boots: Frye

Necklace: Anthropologie

Gold Watch: Michael Kors

After a busy day, I met Jess last night for frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti. She couldn’t make it to the blogger meet-up at Talara, so we made plans to meet this week.

Tutti Frutti

I knew that Jess had attended my rival high school, but after exchanging a few emails, I realized that her sister graduated two years before me at Maryvale. Jess and I chatted for over an hour, discussing her recent engagement and laughing about a funny discovery that we made. I swear everyone knows everyone in Baltimore!

When I arrived home, I noticed that I received a text message from an unknown phone number. I checked with a few friends, but no one recognized the number. I was especially curious because the mysterious text simply said, “I see you.” I had a feeling that it was someone who knows me pretty well because I’ve been known to send creepy texts, saying the exact same thing. For the record, I am an extremely observant person and happen to have a weird knack for spotting people. Sorry if you have ever been a victim of my lurking.

Instead of giving the anonymous texter the upper hand, I pretended as if I knew who it was and replied by saying, “No, you don’t.” Shortly after, the person responded: “I did at Tutti Frutti!” I was persistent in claiming that it wasn’t me, and after I didn’t receive another text, I finally caved and asked who it was. It turned out to be a former classmate, Megan. I was so happy to hear from her (but also mad that she didn’t say hello!) that I called her immediately. It has been a while since I last saw her, so it was nice to catch up—talking to old friends always makes me happy!

What do you like to wear when the weather is transitioning?

Are you a fan of frozen yogurt? What flavor and toppings do you usually get? I love cake-flavored frozen yogurt, but usually prefer to keep it plain—I hate when my toppings get too cold and waxy.

Do you ever make random connections with random people? I just talked to my friend Molly and we discovered that the boy she babysits is friends with the girl that I babysit.


28 thoughts on “Baltimore Connections

  1. Yes – I love icecream and frozen yogurt! My roommate in PA school and I would take many study breaks and go to Sweet Ending in Philly last year. We would find every excuse to go! I would get peanut butter fro yo with lots of marshmallows, white chocolate chips, and other toppings. Delicious!

  2. That would have totally creeped me out! ‘I see you’ …. and then for them to say where I was. Ahhhh! That would totally get me! Glad it was an old friend though, catching up is always fun!
    LOVE frozen yogurt but don’t get it very often at all. It’s been over a month 😦 poor, poor me.

  3. Right now I am all about wearing short-sleeved shirts with a sweater. It is perfect for chilly mornings and evenings. I love the necklace you are wearing! You should do a vlog on the sound! 🙂

    I love frozen yogurt, but the only topping I like is butterfinger pieces because they don’t get waxy. I think M&Ms are the worst with ice cream–they get so cold and hard!

  4. Don’t you just love bubble skirts?! I have one the same color from Banana- loveeeeee it!
    When the weather is transitioning I wear a lot of blazers, boots, and cardigans- basically anything that makes a good layering piece.

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