Wincing in [Tory Burch] Pain

The cooler temperatures this week have required me to wear a little more than Nike shorts and t-shirts, but I’m not quite ready to pull out my wool coats just yet. Layering is key in this kind of weather—I opted to wear a vest over a thin sweater along with a cheetah-print scarf. I don’t usually wear a lot of animal prints, but this particular scarf was the perfect way to transform this outfit.


Gray V-Neck Sweater: New York and Company

Black Sweater Vest: Mossimo via Target

Black Pants: American Eagle

Black Flats: Tory Burch

Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Cheetah-Print Scarf: No-name

Silver Watch: Michael Kors

Brown Leather Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

As for my shoes, I would have worn boots if it were a bit cooler. I love the simplicity of the Tory Burch flats (and I love Tory Burch in general), but they are not comfortable until they are worn in. I stuffed my pair of patent Revas to the back of my closet and have been avoiding them like the plague since I last wore them. I had bought a new pair before I went to New York for Fashion Week (since I was sticking to an all-black wardrobe) and I quickly discovered that that was a stupid decision. In between shows, I would rip them off of my feet and slip into rubber flip flops, wincing in pain the entire time. At least all of the women (and some of the men, too…) who attended Fashion Week could relate to me—I can’t imagine wearing heels for 12 hours a day!

What is your favorite way to wear animal prints? I like simple touches—scarves or shoes!

Do you own Tory Burch flats? Any tricks to help break them in? I own two pairs and I swear they didn’t hurt as bad as the patent ones do!


34 thoughts on “Wincing in [Tory Burch] Pain

  1. Love the outfit! I have the same problem with my Tory Burch flats… I have a gorgeous pair of pink patent ones that I’ve worn once… the wonderful leather ones are regulars and take no time to break in! The patent ones are torture… just now getting to the point of being comfortable wearing them! I think you have the right approach.. a little at a time..

  2. Cute outfit!!! I returned my patent Revas for the plain leather ones because I had the exact same problem! They would NOT loosen up and my heel was getting a permanent indentation! A couple of years ago she made these beautiful quilted, patent flats with NO scrunchy back and they were amazing. I wore them until they died and I cannot for the life of me find another pair like them!

    PS- Sorry I suck at answering e-mails but YES absolutely! I’ll write you back tonight! 🙂

  3. Love the scarf! Funny that you mention Tory Burch flats causing pain. I was talking to someone about that just last week. I’ve had several pairs of flats (plain black, orange, copper snakeskin) as well as several pairs of sandals and a pair of heels- now those HURT! But the flats have never caused me pain at all! I guess I’ve just been lucky. My mom has a pair of Revas that rub her so badly that she hardly ever wears them.

  4. I am all about animal print shoes. I like to use it as an accent. I don’t think I could pull off a leopard dress or anything that major! Some girls do it SO well–just not me! I LOVE your scarf!

    I hate the “break in” period with shoes. It is so agonizing, but totally worth it when you finally reach that perfect fit!

  5. About the Tory Burch patent flats. OUCH, I feel your pain. I bought a pair a few weeks ago and they are taking their sweet time to get broken in and my feet are feeling the pain. I’ve tried wearing them with thick sock in the house to stretch them and they are getting better but they still hurt. I heard they can rake up to 3 months to get broken in and comfy. Oh the price we pay to have these adorable flats on our feet. I’m looking at getting a pair of the leather ones but I heard they are much easier to break in. I read lots of reviews on the patent ones and very few women just slip them on and go without a bit of pain. This is the same for me accept in a guy. Yup a male that wears ballet flats. This is me and my Tory Burch Reva flats
    Ypu might have to cut and paste this link

    • Thanks for your comment, Brian! The leather ones are much easier to break in–mine are so comfortable now that I have had them for a few years! I’m still working on my patent pair, though all of my flats give me trouble. Love your black ones, they look great!

  6. Hi, you are right about the leather Reva flats being easier to break in. I bought a pair of classic black with gold medallion Reva flats a couple days ago in a half size smaller (10.5) than my black patent ones and they are so comfy already. I hope I’m saying the same thing after wearing them for several hours. These are my new ones

    My only concern is if I can pull this look off since the gold medallion has a pretty “bling” in your face appearance compared to my black patent ones.

  7. Thanks, Worst off/better off who knows, I’m having fun and I’m not hurting anyone. The peacock feather blue is not as bright as a yellow or orange but they do draw a lot of attention compared to my black or tan ballet flats. It’s fun to wear an “eye popping” color once in a while. I wore them with white jeans the other day. Oh my did that cause a stir. I’m not sure which was brighter, my white jeans or my blue flats.

  8. I have a pair of Tory Burch flats also ( black with gold) there is a secret to braking them in sooner… Put on a pair of wet socks…..yes, wet socks…then put on your Tory Burch flats walk around in the or wear for at least 20 minutes….the water helps relax the leather, therefore loosening the shoe up….I recommend this regimen the night before you want to wear them….hope this was helpful….good luck!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I have actually heard that tip before, I just never seem to remember to actually put it to use! I’ve worn my leather flats a lot, but I have only worn my patent flats during Fashion Week. I’m going to make an effort to break them in a bit more and wear them this season. Thanks again for your help!

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