Question and Answer, Round One

I finally finished compiling the questions that I received into a post—I hope I didn’t miss any! It’s likely that I will do a second question and answer post in the future, so if you have a question, feel free to ask!

You seem to make a lot of smoothies. What kind of protein powder do you use and what do you usually put in them?

I go through phases with smoothies, but I’ve found that a plain chocolate protein shake is my favorite. I use Optimum Nutrition double rich chocolate whey protein powder, which I buy from The Vitamin Shoppe. To make a double chocolate protein shake, I blend protein powder with cocoa powder, milk, and ice. If I want a more calorie-dense and filling protein shake, I’ll add a banana, strawberries, spinach, or peanut butter. You can find my smoothie recipes here.

I’ve been told that protein shakes will make me bulk up, is that true? (I’m a girl.)

This is a common misconception among men and women. It is extremely hard for women to “bulk up” because of our lack of testosterone. Men will not gain a significant amount of weight from consuming protein shakes alone. I think people are often under the impression that protein shakes equate to building muscle, but that is not always the case. If you simply begin drinking protein shakes in addition to what you currently eat and do not alter your exercise regimen, there will be a surplus of calories—meaning that you could potentially gain weight. To avoid giving an entire biology lesson, the point is that no, drinking protein shakes will not magically transform you into Hulk Hogan. And it’s obvious that I’m no bodybuilder.


Do you take vitamins? I want to start taking vitamins, but I am not sure what kind to get.

Yes, I take two gummy vitamins each day. I used to take a Women’s One-A-Day multivitamin, but I found that they made me nauseous and I would get physically ill after taking them. I would suggest checking with your doctor first, but a multivitamin would be a good choice. If I weren’t severely allergic to fish, I would also take a fish oil supplement. Vitamin D is especially important for women, so I would consider that, too.

What do you put on top of your dessert recipes? It looks like vanilla ice cream, but I can’t figure it out!

I have received this question multiple times, which makes me laugh! Most of the time, I am topping my dessert recipes with Cool Whip. It melts easily and complements the recipes nicely.

capncrunch french toast 2

How many days a week do you exercise?

It varies, but I strive to exercise six days a week. Because my schedule is always changing, I fit in a workout whenever I can. Some days I have to break up my workout into 15-minute increments; it’s not ideal, but the time adds up. If this is the case, I might run a mile on the treadmill in the morning, run another mile outside later in the day in between jobs, then do a mile of intervals on the treadmill when I’m home in the evening. I don’t plan rest days ahead of time because there inevitably is a day when I cannot fit everything in, so I like having the flexibility to skip a workout when needed. In opposition, I take advantage of the days that I’m not working (usually on Saturday and Sunday) and have the time to exercise for a longer duration. I have the mentality that something is better than nothing—I make the best of my time and don’t stress that I can’t necessarily carve out an hour each day to work out.

Do you always get along with all of your siblings?

While I’m grateful that my siblings and I are very close and get along most of the time, we definitely have moments when we are at each other’s throats. We will argue and retreat to different parts of the house, then will be hanging out on the sofa together twenty minutes later.

JBW siblings by pool

What are your favorite stores?

It’s no secret that I love J.Crew. My wardrobe consists of many basics, which I use as a starting point for several of my outfits. In the winter, I layer sweaters and jackets on top of classic wool skirts and long-sleeved tees from J.Crew. I wish there was a Zara in Baltimore because I can always find something at an affordable price point there.

*Please be aware that I am a professional nothing, therefore everything that I say is backed only by personal experiences and my own research.


16 thoughts on “Question and Answer, Round One

  1. I love question and answer posts! I also take children’s vitamins (I am a fan of Flinstone vitamins!). Regular vitamins destroy my stomach–no thanks. Plus, I always remember to take my vitamins now because they taste so good!

    I don’t think I have ever shopped at Zara. I will have to check it out!

  2. Cool whip makes everything prettier! It tastes pretty good too 🙂 I can’t believe some women still think that lifting and eating protein will make them bulky! I’m glad it doesn’t, because I looooove my protein shakes.

  3. Oh my word how good is cool whip? My mom and I used to live on that amazingly fake stuff for years! True story, our breakfast of choice used to be either a chocolate chip cookie or Ring Ding (chocolate covered cake thing) dipped and coated with cool whip 🙂 Of course these were very rare occasions, but special ones, such as on my birthday or the holidays
    Loved this post… I take children’s vitamins too. The gummies are the best!

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