Protein Shake Explosion

In the morning, I usually have a protein shake shortly after I wake up. Because it is simply a way to get calories into my body first thing in the morning, I just mix water with protein powder in a Blender Bottle. Well, I was also making chocolate chip cookie dough oatmeal at the time and must have been rushing because I failed to check the lid of my bottle. If you have ever used a Blender Bottle before, you’d know that you have to vigorously shake the bottle in order to thoroughly combine the protein powder with the liquid.

blender bottlesource

I vigorously shaked. And then the mixture came exploding out of the lid and proceeded to drench me. Chocolate protein water all over my face. That was fun. Note to self: always check the lid prior to shaking up anything, especially when the bottle is tilted towards me.

At least it’s Friday! The kids that I am babysitting today get out of school early, so I better head out to pick them up!

One last thing: I decided to watch an episode of the show Ringer online last night and have become completely obsessed with it. I was expecting the show to be creepy and weird (i.e. Vampire-y, which is not my personal taste), but it’s actually riveting. I may or may not have skipped my workout this morning to watch three episodes. I’m slightly embarrassed.


Have you ever had a drink spill all over you?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Have you seen the show Ringer? What new shows are you watching this season?


14 thoughts on “Protein Shake Explosion

  1. Yes! Last year, I always studied at the same coffee shop in Philly. One day, I was there for hours studying for an exam, and went up to get my 2nd (or 3rd) coffee of the day. I thought the lid was fully on and grabbed the cup to bring back to my table. The top wasn’t on, and the large coffee went everywhere, all over the floor and on me. It was crowded at the time, and I was mortified. This weekend, we are celebrating my bday early (birthday is Monday). Have a good one! 🙂

    • I spill water down the front of my shirt every single day. Wish I was kidding! Thankfully, water doesn’t stain and dries fairly quickly!

      I’ve received a couple of questions about protein powders, so I’ll go more in depth in my Q&A post, but I mix water with Optimum Nutrition chocolate protein powder.

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