Coffee Cup Charger

This afternoon, when I was driving the kids to various activities, I noticed that my Blackberry was on low battery, as usual. After losing my car charger sometime in the past few months, I never bothered to purchase a new one. I don’t like when I’m in the car and don’t have a charged phone (especially while I am babysitting) because I get paranoid that something will happen and I won’t be able to get in touch with anyone. I also have a tendency to drive on an empty gas tank—you’d think I’d learn after I once broke down on a highway exit in Virginia when I was 16 years old—so I clearly need to keep my Blackberry charged at all times.

Just when I was making a mental note to buy another cellphone car charger to go along with the ones I already have for my iPod and camera, I remembered that I acquired a unique car charger from my sister. The coolest thing about the Powercup is that it looks like a coffee cup and fits perfectly into a cup holder. Like other chargers, it plugs into a cigarette lighter receptacle, but also has three electrical outlets, so you don’t need a special charger for each device. Maybe I can start blow drying my hair in the car….


Kidding. Sort of.

I will definitely be using the Powercup in the future!

What is the status of your cell phone? Always charged, or always dead?

Do you drive on an empty gas tank?

**I’m finishing up the last couple of questions for my Question and Answer post, so if you’d like to ask me something, be sure to do so. You can leave a comment, email me, or ask on Formspring.


14 thoughts on “Coffee Cup Charger

  1. hahaha that is amazing! i need one of those! i always let my phone die (bad i know) or leave it at home. chris hates that, but it feels good to not be reached sometimes… until you pop a tire on the side of the road in the pouring rain.

    have a great weekend girl!

  2. I never drive on empty but when I first got my liscense i never knew you had to put water in your car… noone told me!!! so on my way to car suddenly start steaming out the front like a volcanoe and bright luminous green stuff ( 8 years later I still don’t know what that was) started gushing all down the street. Thank goodness I had a charged phone… ‘dadddyyyyy’!!!! It was pretty embarassing… I was actually waiting to turn into the gym parking lot. No workout for me that day 🙂

  3. That is such a brilliant concept! I am slightly obsessed with having a fully charged phone–I panic when I get to the “red zone.” I am often the passenger in the car because Chase loves to drive and I have always wanted to straighten my hair in the car to save time–maybe I need to invest in this little invention!

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