The Blog Love List

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to create a platform to help bloggers and readers navigate their way to new blogs. I love discovering new blogs, but it can be overwhelming to look through various blog rolls and click through hundreds of links. Instead, I thought it might be beneficial to compose a list of blogs with a short description—sort of like a preview!


Pamcakes and Coffee

Pam’s blog documents her experiences at trying new recipes and workouts. She would also like to incorporate her (soon-to-be) profession as a physician assistant into her blog by providing helpful health tools and resources to educate readers on health topics and conditions.

Life of a Bama Girl

Brittany shares day-to-day ramblings in her blog. She loves cooking, shopping, traveling, working out and pretty much everything else

Just Call Me Janks

Jess gives a humorous peek into life as a 20-something Baltimorean – covering everything from books & BodyPump to recipes & relationships.

Danielle Marie

Danielle blogs about anything from what she is doing this weekend to a new fashion trend that she is liking.


Sally Anne blogs about food (Paleo and Non-Paleo), running, life as a military wife, and life in general! She is also on a mission to make frugality fun!

Running on Hungry

Kristine’s blog focuses on fitness, food, fashion and fun in the San Francisco area (heavy on the wine, cupcakes, and running!).

Allison’s Delicious Life

Allison is a college student juggling a busy schedule and a healthy appetite.  She blogs about simple recipes, tips/tricks, and things that inspire her.

I’ve personally read each and every one of their blogs—I love them! I enjoy reading blogs that cover similar topics as mine, but I especially like that each blogger has something unique to offer. If you’d like to be added to my list, feel free to email me at


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