CliffsNotes and Bloggers

Over the past few days, I took an impromptu hiatus from blogging. I firmly believe that the quality of content is far more important than the quantity of posts. I tend to do my best work at night, when I’ve accomplished a full day of tasks and am not distracted by a looming to-do list. However, the past couple of nights have been consumed by working late hours, helping my siblings with homework assignments, and meeting other bloggers for dinner.

After a busy weekend revolving around a fourth grade science project and playing mom, I needed to unwind a bit and take time to myself. I made two trips to the spa this week—one for a massage and the other for a haircut—and my time there was glorious. Sometimes two hours of pure relaxation is all you need!



It must have recently occurred to my siblings that I have taken several writing courses throughout my college career, as both Brian and Ali asked for assistance with their essays. I couldn’t figure out how to construct a buffalo-like creature for a boy in elementary school in eight hours, but I was able to read CliffsNotes, research, edit, and re-write a four-page paper in a matter of two hours. Despite my efforts, the grade he receives will determine whether or not I still him $20 for a bet I lost last week. Let’s hope I can successfully edit a high schooler’s essay…

Last night, I met Jenny, Meaghan, and Heather for dinner at Talara, a Nuevo Latino bistro and bar located downtown.



Because of conflicting schedules, only four of us were able to meet for the first Baltimore blogger meet up, though it was still a fun night. We chatted away, covering topics ranging from boys to blogging to football. I had a great time meeting Meaghan, Jenny, and Heather in real life and can’t wait for the next opportunity to meet even more local bloggers.

blogger meetup

photo courtesy of Jenny’s camera

Time to go make lunch!

What do you do when you need to relax?

How’s your week going? Anyone else feel completely sluggish?


9 thoughts on “CliffsNotes and Bloggers

  1. I feel pretty sluggish this week, as well. I’m overcoming a bad bout of bronchitis and it’s more than I can handle while juggling school, papers, applying to grad school, etc.

    Sounds like you are quite busy yourself!

    When I need to relax, I like to have a nice dinner or dessert with my boyfriend and curl up on the couch watching TV. Nothing better 🙂

  2. I am dragging this week!! I am glad you had a bit of a break from blogging (however, I missed you dreadfully!).

    Reading about your bloggy meet-up got me sooooo excited–in 7 months I can join y’all! 🙂

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