Photo Shoot, Take One

On Sunday, I had mentioned that my siblings and I had a photo shoot together. All week, we have been rushing to the mailbox, anticipating the arrival of our pictures. They came yesterday morning, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. My friend Jamie did an excellent job—all those years of photography class paid off!



{Brian thought we looked like we were taking mug shots, but I like the contrast.}



{Laughter like this cannot be faked; I was giving everyone the incriminating details of Brian’s love life—he was mortified.}


Oh, and I’ve mentioned this before, but just to rehash, we are indeed all the same height. People tend to find this amusing.


31 thoughts on “Photo Shoot, Take One

  1. I love the holding hands one!! It’s so cool!! I hate the sappy dorky family pictures in my coworker’s offices. Anyone can sit in front of a blue-colored cloth lol. This are fabulous! I’m totally sending the link to my sisters and my wedding photog!

  2. Ahh!! Our family photos always turn out with no one looking and at least one person looking drun. These are gorgoues. And those are some stylin’ outfits too!! There are 6 in my family so I totally love on having a bunch of siblings. I love the height thing. That’s hilarious!!!!!

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