My Gym Enemy

When I awoke this morning and heard the sound of rain drops outside of my window, I was tempted to toss my plush comforter over my head and sleep in for at least another 30 minutes. Thankfully, knowing that my irresponsible and lazy decision would negatively affect three of my family members, I yanked myself out of bed, as painful as it was.

In the past several years, I have become the official “lunch-packer” in my household. When I can, I pack everyone’s lunch the night before, but because I was working until close to 10:30pm last night, I didn’t have a chance to do so. I have to admit, I sometimes purposely leave the lunch-making until the morning just so that I am held accountable to waking up on time. Otherwise, my dad, brother, and sister would be without food for the day and I’d feel awful!

I like to pack them balanced and nutritious lunches, except on April Fool’s Day, of course.

april fools lunch box

Brian is highly allergic to nuts, so I thought it was only appropriate to pack him almonds and peanut butter. (Don’t worry, I also packed a real lunch and hid it in his backpack!)

I also pack a lunch for myself, but I usually do this right before I leave the house. To my dismay, I ran out of time today because I was busy taking care of something that my sister was supposed to have done last night. In an angry rage, I had to grab a few convenient foods to avoid being late for an appointment.

After running a few errands, I made it to the gym this afternoon. I work out six days a week, but I hadn’t been to the gym in four months. During the warmer months, I tend to prefer exercising outdoors and enjoy making my workouts more spontaneous. My gym is about 15 minutes away from my house, so it’s inconvenient to go to if I need a quick workout. Also, since I have a treadmill and weights at home, I barely find the need to actually go to the gym.

Honestly, the only reason why I went this afternoon was because I intended on canceling my membership. I’ve had a billing issue that I’ve been meaning to take care of….since February. However, when I entered the gym, I realized why I love it so much; it’s motivating to be surrounded by people who are bettering their health with similar goals in mind.

When I set out to find a treadmill, my eyes landed on a girl running. In an instant, I knew exactly who she was—my gym enemy. It was evident that I really had been away from the gym for a while as her hair was much longer, but she was still the same old treadmill-stealing girl (though she actually wasn’t on my machine this afternoon). We were on opposite sides of the room, but I could tell that she felt my presence. I’m intimidating, in case you didn’t know. Winking smile

Oddly enough, anger gives me the urge to run, so I ran a warm-up mile fairly quickly. I felt like I could have ran several more miles, but I had already done my cardio this morning. Afterward, I was energized as I headed to the weights section, but I became fatigued about 30 minutes into my workout. I focused on my arms and did as many repetitions and sets as I could manage, but I eventually retreated to the elliptical machine. Luckily, I remembered to bring headphones for once and was able to zone out while listening to Kid Cudi.

rhinestone headphones

I’m not a huge fan of rhinestones, but I received these Jessica Simpson headphones in my Fashion Week gift bag. Totally girly, but kind of cute!

By the time I pedaled through two miles, I had to leave to babysit. I refueled with a peach Chobani yogurt and a chocolate chip brownie Larabar. The yogurt and Larabar contain more sugar than I normally consume post-workout, but I was actually glad to have the extra sugar for an energy boost. Managing three kids and two puppies is not an easy task!

Do you pack food for the day? What are your go-to items?

Do you ever skip going to the gym in favor of doing a workout elsewhere?

Any gym enemies?


12 thoughts on “My Gym Enemy

  1. oh i love your rhinestone headphones! i just have a pair of neon yellow sweat resistant ones.. yours make mine look so out of style.. haha.. i always pack food for the day. my homemade energy balls are the number one thing in my purse (along with my wallet and phone of course).

  2. i think the rhinestone headphones are cute! i have to workout with an ipod or else i am no good at the gym…

    i try and pack food but i can kind of tell my chefs at work to make what i want so i try to resist the fried and go with the grilled.

  3. I pack my lunch everyday when heading out to my long boring day at the office. I typically pack a peanut butter and jelly on this delicious Whole Foods sourdough bread, a cracker or chip snack, a fruit of some sort and a yogurt for later on in the day. I try to eat as healthy as possible while at work since I’m just sitting all day and doing nothing active.
    I tend to do my workouts at home. I enjoy the gym every once in awhile but enjoy the luxury of just throwing on a mismatching perhaps unattractive outfit and working out in my living room. I’m currently in the 3rd month of the Chalene Extreme DVD program…every tried it? It’s crazy and really whips you into shape!

    • I’ve never tried the sourdough bread from Whole Foods, though I don’t doubt that it’s delicious! I love all of their freshly baked foods.

      Mismatching outfits are the BEST part of working out at home. Majority of the time, I look like a slob when I’m exercising at home. I’ve never tried that particular program! I’m really bad at sticking to programs, but I’m curious as to what the workouts are like! I might have to check it out!

  4. I prefer running outside year round, though when it gets icy and snowy and super cold or ridiculously hot I choose the treadmill. I don’t have any gym enemies – but there are people that drive me crazy that I always see. There is this woman who looks like she is still living in the ’80s, has a tramp stamp of a cross, and is always flirting with the men and “working out” with 1 lb dumbells. It’s kind of gross.

    • I can’t imagine running when there could be black ice on the roads!

      Just from your description, I can tell that I too would be put off by this woman. Everyone is entitled to do as they please, but these kind of people can be rather distracting!

  5. Nothing makes me run faster than a little bit of anger! 🙂

    I agree to be the lunch-packer so my husband has to be the bed-maker! Usually I love packing his lunch, but some days I just don’t want to!

    For his lunch I pack very conventional items: PB&J sandwich, carrots/celery & hummus, apple, and a rice krispy treat!

    For my own lunch, I am always totally random. Sometimes I pack hard-boiled eggs, or lettuce and pecan wraps, or mashed butternut squash. The one thing I ALWAYS include is an apple with almond butter!

  6. Those headphones are so fun!
    I try to keep a clif/luna bar on hand in my backpack or purse all the time incase I get caught up and cant get back to my apartment. If I’m going all day I’ll definitely pack some small lighter meals though.

    Almond butter… looks so good right now.

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