Epic Fail

As the rain was pounding against my roof this morning, I quickly deemed it a day for baking.


I thought my siblings would enjoy some freshly baked treats when they arrived home from school, so I headed to the kitchen as soon as I finished the world’s worst workout (do you ever have days where you simply feel as if your body won’t move?).

It had been a few days since I made anything pumpkin-related, so I knew right away that pumpkin would be a key ingredient in one of my baked goods. I settled on a pumpkin raisin loaf, basing the recipe off of the ever-popular coconut chocolate chip banana bread.

bb 2

I had high hopes for the fall version, but it didn’t meet my expectations. It tasted boring. I kind of want to mash it with my fist. Eh, whatever. Not every recipe is going to be a winner, so I moved on to my second one of the day.



I was refilling the container where we keep granola bars when I had the idea to make some homemade ones, similar to Clif Mojo bars. My family spends an inordinate amount of money each week on Larabars, Luna Bars, and Clif bars, so I figured it was about time I recreate my own.


Twenty minutes later, I had the perfect combination of sweet and salty. I popped them in the oven to bake and when the timer sounded, I cringed as I took out the tray. They looked dry, they smelled gross (so that’s what that weird smell was), and they tasted awful. Oh, and they were burned.


To sum it up, today was an epic fail in the kitchen. Epicly disgusting, to be exact. It’s not even like I can eat a real Mojo bar either; those things put me into anaphylactic shock. No, really. They do.

Do you ever have major defeats when cooking or baking?

Do you have food allergies?


16 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. Well, the pumpkin bread looks GLORIOUS, even if it was boring. I have had some pretty epic fails when I tried to make healthy cookies. They literally BOUNCED. I always get super sad when I mess up in the kitchen. I take it personally when recipes fail–I am so lame!

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