Indistinguishable From A Snooki Costume

Does anyone else feel like pumpkin is taking over the world more than ever this year? It’s as if it’s mandatory to incorporate pumpkin into your diet, décor, and wardrobe from October to December.

pumpkin costume

I’ve read enough pumpkin recipes just this week  to last me a lifetime. That didn’t stop me from including the orange-hued fruit in my breakfast this morning though.

pumpkin pancakes 1

Enter pumpkin, chocolate chip pancakes. Sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with a creamy dollop of whipped cream.

pumpkin pancakes 2

Also take note of the fact that I used mini chocolate chips. Mini things are fun and the calories don’t count, right? Winking smile

pumpkin pancakes 3

pumpkin pancakes 4

I made these using the remnants of a FiberOne pancake mix then threw in a few extra ingredients. Measuring cups? Those didn’t exist this morning, so I could give you a recipe, but I wouldn’t want to send anyone to the hospital. I will tell you this—they were delicious.

Now it’s time to tackle my to-do list! I’m planning a big trip that is less than a month away and I still have a lot to organize!


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