VIP Party

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email notifying me that I was invited to a VIP party at Magooby’s Joke House. It was the comedy club’s one year anniversary at their new location in Timonium, Maryland. I had been to Magooby’s a few times before, but never to its newer and larger venue. After reading the email, I also discovered that there was an open-bar cardholders. Knowing that my dad would be working late, I asked my mom and sister if they’d like to have a girls’ night. They readily agreed, as we always have a good time at the joke house.

By the time I arrived home from babysitting, I had under an hour to cook dinner (I told my mom I would take over for the evening), eat, shower, and get dressed. Normally, it takes me nearly an hour just to pick out an outfit! Miraculously, it took me a mere 20 minutes to shower, get dressed, fix my hair, and do my makeup last night. I’m very meticulous, so I like to go slow, but even I was surprised by how quickly I got ready!

nat and coll

Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf and will soon become one of those girls who gets ready faster than their boyfriend? Yeah, not likely.

girls with mom magoobys

Despite having to rush to Magooby’s, we arrived early enough to get a front-row seat. We decided to purchase a membership, since the comedy club has a policy of a two-item minimum anyway. Pictures were prohibited once the acts started, but Natalie and I were sure to take advantage of the free-flowing drinks.


The MC opened with some funny jokes regarding her nationality, followed by four male comedians, including headliner Joe Matarese, who has been featured on Chelsea Lately, The Late Show with David Letterman, and Comedy Central. We even were part of a short video clip that Joe filmed at the end of the night; we had to re-film the scene a few times, but there definitely was a clear shot of me in it! Needless to say, the night was full of laughter!

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

Do you like comedy?



6 thoughts on “VIP Party

  1. Aww! What a fun night! You look super cute! It doesn’t look like you were time crunched at all! You can always tell when I am running late because I have wet hair!

    It takes me about 40 minutes to get ready; however, I can cut it down if I HAVE to!

    I love watching comedy shows! It is such a nice change of pace!

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