Secret Phone Call Revealed

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t planning on telling you about my mysterious phone call until I knew more details. What can I say? I’m a tease. Lucky for you, I felt swayed by some of your comments.

mysterious call

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Now if I really wanted to keep things suspenseful, I would tell you all about my day. How I started my Wednesday with an early morning walk with a friend. How I ate a delicious spinach omelet for breakfast.

spinach omelet

How I went to the mall with Natalie and was disappointed by the selection. How I got bored of clothes and thought that food shopping sounded much more appealing.


How I went to Trader Joe’s instead and wanted to buy every sugar-laden item in the store. Oh, and basically anything with carbs in it. Except for fruits and vegetables. No one wants a bag of carrots when you’re starving and need a chocolate bar now. I don’t want to keep you on the edge of your seat, but I could also tell you about how I went ahead and bought a chocolate bar. A chocolate bar filled with salted caramel. It was 70% cacao. It’s healthy. Those antioxidant things ward off free radicals, you know.

dark choc


But that wasn’t good enough. I happened to know that a newly opened Fresh Market sells heaven in the form of a peanut butter pretzel nugget covered in a thick layer of chocolate. So clearly I had to go there, too. Now if I wasn’t trying to speed things along here, I would tell you about how I sipped on a small cup of pumpkin spice coffee while ogling at all of the fun foods in the bulk bins. Like I said though, I’m trying to cut to the chase.

fresh market

Okay. Okay. Because and only because I’m the type of person who will read the last page of a book just to find out the ending, I’m going to give you the juicy details right up front. So really, there was no point in skimming my post or skipping ahead to the ending. Don’t you just hate it when people give irrelevant information and take forever to reveal the news? Like when a winner is determined on America’s Got Talent. Nick Cannon announces that the show has had a record-breaking amount of votes, he does the whole dramatic pause thing, and then there is a commercial break. And even after all of that, he goes on to repeat basically the same thing then lets the audience cheer for a solid ten seconds. Of course there’s also the drumroll that drones on. As if everything else wasn’t enough.

americas got talent


Thank goodness I don’t do that. So here it is, without any trivial information beforehand. I might be moving to New York City. Like now. As in not enough time to plan anything. Before last night, I did not have the intention to just pick up and go to New York—that would be crazy—but when an opportunity like this presents itself, you just don’t say no to the city of dreams. Or the city of lunatics, whichever one you prefer.

Nothing is set in stone yet. In fact, I really don’t know anything right now. Heck, I might even come back tomorrow and tell you that I’m delusional. Which I probably am. But that’s beside the point. I promise to give more details once there actually are more details to share. And once again, we’ll do without the frilly talk.


22 thoughts on “Secret Phone Call Revealed

  1. Perhaps I’ve missed the reason why you might be moving to New York…although I’m pretty sure I haven’t since I’ve read and re-read your post multiple times. I am eager to here why you might be moving to New York! I am so jealous! This other blog I read…she moved to New York City and commented on her blog that one of the things you should do in your life is move to New York City. She stated “you won’t know why at the time but you will know once you make the move”…or something along those lines. I will have to continue to live through your exciting life…while I live my boring one over here in Michigan! Good luck with this potential move! And to confirm my suspicions of possibly being obsessed about your blog…it’s true….I am…and will continue to follow as you make your moves! 🙂

    Ps.-I’ve clicked the button at the bottom “notify me of new posts via e-mail”. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Oh wow!! How exciting! I’ve been looking forward to hearing your big news all day too haha. I love the rest of the post too. I adore Fresh Market- especially their complimentary tester coffee!

  3. How awesome!!!! I cannot wait to hear more details! I feel like you are the next Whitney Port going to The City! 🙂 🙂

    P.S. The set-up of this post was downright cruel! 🙂 haha! I was like, WHERE IS THE NEWS?!?!

  4. Talk about suspence! I am so excited about your possible move to NYC! NYC is such an action-packed and cool place to live! 🙂

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