Fells Point Fun Festival

After doing a few things around the house, my whole family headed downtown for the 45th Fells Point Fun Festival. We hadn’t been to the festival in years, so I thought it would be a fun outing for a Sunday afternoon.

Pause for a second: my sisters and I got in the car and realized that we all brought along the same exact snack—Greek yogurt. Great minds think alike! Smile


Though it was chilly outside (we pulled out our gloves!), we still enjoyed walking around for a few hours.



We didn’t seem to fit in with the crowd at the carnival area—no 6 year old was about to let us cut in line for the Tilt-a-Whirl—so we first made our way towards the shopping area. We stopped at a vendor selling innovative jewelry made out of ordinary items. These necklaces were crafted from recycled newspapers while the bangles were made out of coconuts.



Cool, huh? We ventured down a few more side streets and found an outdoor flea market. Retro boots caught our attention, but as we got closer, I noticed several pairs of very familiar shoes.

school shoes

I attended a private high school where a uniform was required; nearly every girl at my school had this particular pair of Doc Martens (I had a pair of Born shoes which lasted me all four years and are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own). It was funny to see these shoes at a flea market!

uniform shoes

(I don’t normally jump around and look like a fool; this was for a project for my digital photography class which I was so obviously enthusiastic about.)

I didn’t get a new pair of brown shoes to go with my gray plaid kilt, but I did buy a new “Baltimore” sweatshirt and t-shirt.

MD tshirts

Since the Ravens are playing tonight and it’s cold outside, I figured I’d need a long-sleeved Natty Boh Ravens shirt. Smile


We couldn’t ignore the aromas of fresh food, so we bought two gyros from a small vendor. I didn’t try it, but Natalie told me her chicken gyro was delicious!


I instead opted for my chocolate chip brownie Larabar (you know I always bring snacks).


Side note: I need to make an appointment for a manicure ASAP!

We then walked to the other side of the festival where a band was playing and where some art vendors were set up. I loved this painting of the Ravens stadium and decided that I’m going to buy it for the house that I don’t own. I think it would look good in my nonexistent den.


It then started to drizzle, but we were actually ready to go by this point—our hands were numb and our noses were bright red!

As soon as we arrived home, we all immediately switched into warm, cozy clothing. My siblings and I hardly ever wear anything but comfortable clothing around the house. We all try to dress well when we go out, but we almost always change into sweats once we are home. This had me wondering what other people do. I’ve been known to change into my pajamas at 5pm, is that weird?


Do you stay in your “street clothes” until you are ready for bed, or do you change into comfortable clothing once you arrive home?

What did you do this weekend?

Is it freezing where you live, or are you still enjoying summer-like weather?


14 thoughts on “Fells Point Fun Festival

  1. That festival has some pretty cool stuff! I love finding artsy stuff like that. I feel like i might find something that no one else I know has, which makes me feel oh so fashionable.
    I love how you all brought the same snack. It’s funny because I looked around at my lunch table last week and nearly everyone had greek yogurt. I remember when people thought I was weird for eating it!

    • Me too! Sometimes it’s junk, but other times it’s one-in-a-million. 😉

      I recently thought the same thing about Greek yogurt! I’ve been eating it since it was “gross,” aka before every company in the market started making their own version.

  2. I always change into compfy clothes when I get home, unless I know I have to go out again a little while later 🙂
    Is was freezing where I live, but now its super hot!

  3. Awww, I love that all three of you brought Greek yogurt! So cute!

    My husband always jokes that I can go from hero (dressed up) to zero (comfy clothes) in less than 1 minute of entering our apartment. It is COMPLETELY true! I don’t believe in lounging in real clothes!

  4. I 100% had those Doc Marten Mary Janes in high school! Oh the memories. Haha

    I work out right after work, so as soon as I get home from that (7ish) I shower and immediately change into Lululemon pants and something cozy. It’s necessary. I will however be in denial about my choice of clothing as I’m watching Gossip Girl and they are perfectly dressed 24/7.

    I had 2 back-to-back weddings this weekend so alcohol pretty much sounds like the worst thing ever today!

    SF is getting rainy and cold lately… ahhhhhhh!

    • That’s so funny! They just scream “school shoes” to me!

      Haha, I know exactly what you mean–I’m like the world’s biggest slob when I’m watching television at night. My baggy sweatpants can’t compete with Blaire’s Chanel jacket set, but I don’t care! 🙂

      Sounds like you had a great weekend! 😉

      Maryland is warming up, so hopefully California’s weather with turn around as well!

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