Peanut Pumpkins and Scary Masks

The weather today paralleled perfectly with the date. When I think of October, brisk temperatures come to mind. The air is crisp, but still tolerable. Although I was a little cold wearing shorts and a t-shirt this morning, I knew that I would be too hot wearing anything else while working out. Even in the dead of winter, I’ll opt for shorts over a pair of yoga pants if I’m on the treadmill.

The cooler temperatures made me want to curl up on the sofa with a big blanket, but I knew I’d feel better once I exercised. Once I got out of bed, I headed straight to my exercise equipment. I finished a mile on the treadmill then felt like quitting. So I did. Breakfast sounded much more appealing.

chia seed bowl

I know most people need to complete their workout first thing in the morning, but for me, it totally depends on my mood. I think it’s good to have a set time dedicated to exercising, though I think it can also encourage the wrong mindset. People who typically exercise at 6am might start to believe that a 6pm workout is impossible for them. In reality, striving to have energy throughout the entire day is key, rather than solely for one hour at a specific time. For this very reason, I actually like that my schedule is inconsistent. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to miss BodyPump, but does that mean that you have to skip a workout for the entire day? No. It’s as simple as going for a two-mile run after work or doing a 30-minute circuit in your living room. You can even do yoga in your bathing suit. The point is that exercising needs to be flexible. Fit in what you can, when you can.

After I ate breakfast and did a few things around the house, I was willing to give my workout another try. This time around, I was much more enthused about exercising and was able to do another four miles of HIIT on the treadmill, followed by a few arm exercises using 10lb dumbbells.

I quickly showered then Ali, Brian, and I decided to check out a honey harvest festival at a park near my house. We were expecting it to be a small event but were surprised by the number of cars in the parking lot.

honey 2

It was held at the nature center, so in addition to the various vendors selling local honey, we were also able to look at the animals. The turtles were our favorite!



We missed out on the face painting and petting zoo since we arrived late to the festival (not that I was really about to get near dirty farm animals while wearing Ralph Lauren boots), but we still were able to spend a good amount of time taste-testing several different kinds of honey.

honey 1

Per Brian and Ali’s recommendation, we bought a jar of honey spread and a lemon-scented homemade chapstick (just because I left my Burt’s Bees in my other purse and needed some stat).

We also picked out a few fun-flavored honey sticks because they reminded us of our childhood. On the way home from the beach, we used to always stop at a farm for some local produce as well as some honey sticks. I swear it was the best part of the three-hour drive!

honey sticks

After the festival, the three of us then went to Valley View Farms to look at the pumpkin selection.


I never realized that there was such a large variety, including peanut pumpkins?!

peanut pump

peanut pumpkin

Though intriguing, I thought the peanut pumpkins were kind of creepy. I really wanted to buy a massive squash, but figured I couldn’t justify spending $70 on an inanimate object.


To be honest, we really went to Valley View Farms to play with the Halloween decorations and accessories.

brian mask 1

mask 2

Confession: I am secretly obsessed with scary masks.

We also of course had to see the “haunted hallway,” which was pretty impressive for only taking five seconds to walk through.

haunted hallway

The afternoon definitely had us excited for Halloween!

Are you going to any fall festivals this year? I’m planning on going to another festival tomorrow!

Did you know that a peanut pumpkin existed?! I am still amazed.

Are you a fan of haunted houses? I absolutely LOVE them!


7 thoughts on “Peanut Pumpkins and Scary Masks

  1. Yes, I LOVE haunted houses!! We have a big annual crafts fair next weekend in Memphis, but it’s usually too hot to be considered a “fall” festival. Wow, a $70 pumpkin? I guess that makes sense seeing how big it was, but still… And no, I’ve never heard of a peanut pumpkin, but it’s a cute name.

  2. Ummm, the peanut pumpkin looks like it has a terrible case of cystic acne. I am 100% superficial when it comes to pumpkins–I like pretty orange ones!

    I am trying SO hard to be more flexible with my workout time, but when I run in the afternoon or evening I get awful stomach aches. I have no idea why…However, I can walk at any time a day, so I may have to include more non-running workouts!

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