Jell-O Shots at 11:30am

After finishing babysitting late last night, I chose to go to sleep at a normal hour rather than blogging. The little boy that I babysit loves working out as much as I do, so we exercised on side-by-side machines in his home gym after he finished his homework. I had already completed five miles of intervals on the treadmill and a weights routine that focused on my arms in the morning, but he was so enthused about exercising together. While watching the newest episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! (be aware that having an exercise partner under the age of 10 will not guarantee entertaining television), I finished 12 miles on the stationary bike.

As I biked away, I realized that I may have a problem. Actually, I realized that I definitely have a problem. A few months ago, I did this really funny thing. I signed up for a bike race. As if that wasn’t dumb enough, I also signed up to bike 23 miles. Here’s a little slap of reality for me: I don’t even know if I own a functioning bike. I know that I have one somewhere in my garage, most likely squashed beneath a dresser, a few cans of paint, and a Barbie Jeep. Or whatever we have stowed away in the dumping grounds garage.

Yeah, so, October 9th should be a really fun day. I guess I should probably untangle my bike pretty soon. Who knows if it even has two tires. And maybe I should get a pair of training wheels….? I’m not kidding when I say it has been a while since I last rode a non-sedentary bike.

bike race 1


Anyway, back on topic here. While I was pedaling away, I noticed that my throat started to feel a little dry, which happens from time to time when I’m working out. It turned into a sore throat last night, so I sipped on a cup of chocolate hazelnut tea when I came home. I thought an early bed time would be beneficial, but my throat was still bothering me this morning. It was also raining when I woke up; I don’t know about you, but that automatically makes it okay to stay in bed a little longer. And watch old episodes of 90210 on Hulu. And eat breakfast in bed. And skip any commitments, like school or work. Not that I did that or anything.

When I did finally drag myself out of bed, I made a protein shake topped with chia seeds, followed by a Jell-O shot.

protein shake with chia

What? It was 11:30am, which is almost noon, which is a mere five hours away from 5 o’clock. Okay, soooo it wasn’t actually a Jell-O shot. It was DayQuil, which is practically the same thing, minus the sugar. I never thought about it before, but taking liquid medicine is just as bad as taking a shot. I mean the same rules apply: hold your nose, take it back as fast as you can, shake your head in disgust while scrunching up your face, then follow it by a chaser. The only difference between shots of liquid medicine and shots of liquor is that the first is repeated every four to six hours while the latter is repeated every four to six minutes.

jello shot

The alcohol medicine acted as pre-workout fuel so that I could get through three miles on the treadmill then several weight lifting exercises. I also jumped rope for as long as I could, aka until I broke two of the lights above me and took off some of the stucco ceiling. The lights were ugly anyway.

Before leaving to go babysitting, I broiled a Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger in the oven and ate some carrots and cucumber slices alongside it. Because I like oxymorons, I had a beefy burger, too. Well, not really that beefy. It was 95% lean, plus I drained every last drop of fat. I spared you a picture though.

veg burger

The boys ran off to a neighbor’s house, so I was left in charge of the puppy, Kate. When she started yanking on my shoelaces, I figured that was her way of telling me that she wanted to go for a walk. Enter puppy boot camp. Thirty minutes later, she was a tired little lab.

kate 1

kate 2

kate 3

I run a tight ship. When the kids came home, I made them do 50 pushups each. KIDDING, but I did make them eat their vegetables. Smile

Time to watch Bridesmaids [for the second time this week] with my siblings!

Do you own a bike? When was the last time you rode it?

What is worse to take down: liquid medicine or a shot of liquor?

Have you seen Bridesmaids yet? I’m slightly obsessed with the movie.


9 thoughts on “Jell-O Shots at 11:30am

  1. I want that dog – badly!! I do own a bike (and the clip-in shoes, a jersey and padded booty shorts!) Let’s be honest – if I’m going to get into a sport, I’m going to get all the gear and fun accessories! 🙂

    I saw Bridesmaids in Hawaii and OMG I died. I’m obsessed with that movie. “Well ok then but you’re not my #3 anymore.”

  2. I think Bridesmaids is absolutely hilarious! I saw it twice at the movies, and I just bought it on DVD last weekend – and watched it again!! The plane and car scene never seem to get old. I don’t own a bike, but I love cycle class. Good luck with the race!

  3. Where are all these flavored teas you keep talking about? I always drink the regular kind!

    Haha, I like the similarities you came up with for medicine and a shot. Liquid medicine = bad. But ever since I learned to swallow pills, I don’t think I’ve had to take any liquid medicine.

    Since you can get Jake to work out with you, I’m going to see if Leeza will take a walk with me right now.. she keeps saying she is “bored.”

  4. Nothing in the world tastes worse than Nyquil. UGH! It is the worst. I ALWAYS have a giant glass of water next to me when I take a dose.

    I actually have never had a shot of any liquor…except juice (When I was in high school we would play “drinking games” with fruit juice…haha I am so lame!).

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