Squashed at Earth Treks

This whole being sick thing is really not going over so well with me. Everybody needs a lazy day once in a while, but five days in a row? Not so much. I very rarely get sick, so I don’t exactly understand the concept of resting. You mean you’re supposed to do nothing? Oh. Hm.

I’m clearly incapable of spending all day in bed, so I was actually glad that I was babysitting last night. Because the kids finished their homework early, they asked if we could go to Earth Treks, the rock climbing center. I took a course to become a certified belayer, but I sort of forgot that I needed to take the actual test. When we arrived, I realized something detrimental: if I needed to cough while belaying one of the kids, I would be required to remove one of my hands from the rope and thus run the possibility of one of them flailing through air, potentially coming down and landing on top of me. My instructor had taught me to never—no matter what the circumstances were—take my hands off the rope. Obviously, I couldn’t bear the thought of spreading my germs in such a clean place, so I chose to take my test at a later date—when I could safely use all of my extremities. My decision definitely had nothing to do with the fact that I was 99% positive that I wouldn’t remember how to tie a simple knot. Definitely not.

earth treks 2

Instead, the kids agreed to boulder, climb freely on a shorter wall without a rope. My only task was to “spot” them. I’m going to be honest. The boy I babysit is now as tall as me and weighs almost as much as I do; if I were to see him losing his grip, there’s no way that I am going to voluntarily stand beneath him. Not to mention that he always seems to climb next to the biggest guy in the whole facility. If that guy slipped, I would be as flat as a pancake in a matter of seconds. No, thank you.

I’m willing to take the kids that I babysit to do almost anything; I love that they want to do something active rather than complain about being bored, but rock climbing is not a hobby of mine. Who in the world wears a Michael Kors watch and Marc Jacobs bag to Earth Treks anyway??

Me. I do. In my defense, I didn’t know that I would be going rock climbing, but at least I know why I received several stares. I know I will be back soon—maybe I should invest in an REI backpack and a pair of cargo pants so that I won’t stick out so much next time. Thank god I had a stuffy nose at least; a scrunched up face from the putrid odors will not help with wrinkles in the future. Sasha and Pasha weren’t even there to entertain me!

I didn’t blog last night, but I did have a chance to read through everyone’s comments on the Ugg controversy. I was blown away by the kind and supportive words—I loved the feedback! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And Sally Anne and Kristine, we can totally be best friends! Smile

P.S. I’m in the process of answering questions regarding Fashion Week. If you have any, feel free to ask away!


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