Fashion Week Questions and Answers

How did you have the opportunity to volunteer for Fashion Week?

I went into detail about how I got involved in Fashion Week here, but the opportunity came about when I learned that my sister’s friend was looking for volunteers. The position was through IMG, the company that produces Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, though there are a lot of other ways to get involved. Individual designers always need interns, but if you are looking to only work during Fashion Week, you can apply to be a volunteer through IMG’s website.



Were you intimidated since you had no prior experience?

Absolutely! I had no idea what to expect; I had a general idea of what I’d be doing, but I didn’t know my full responsibilities until the morning of the first fashion show. I was under the impression that I would simply be escorting guests from the lobby to each venue—I actually never did that once while I was there! Before the first show, I was alerted that I would be working as a venue manager, alongside three other volunteers. I knew that I would be able to handle the job, but the three other volunteers had worked previous fashion shows, so they had a better idea of what to expect. After working a few shows, I quickly got the hang of things and was no longer nervous.

Do you think you would have had a negative experience if you were given a lower position?

Because I was fully expecting to be given the grunt work, I think I would have had a positive experience, no matter what I was doing. I was so thankful to even have the opportunity to go to Fashion Week, especially after seeing how exclusive of an event it is. Initially, I felt guilty that I hadn’t worked my way up to my position, but then I realized that someone took a chance on me and I proved my capability. One afternoon, I missed two shows (more on that later) and another volunteer filled in as a venue manager. Some of the other volunteers were asking for a more advanced position, so I was well aware that I could have easily been replaced in my absence. However, when I returned, I was surprised to find that I was immediately given my position back. My “bosses” were able to see my attributes and I ended up exceeding their expectations. On the flip side, I would like to think that had I been given a lower position, I would have also stood out and shown that I could handle more responsibilities.

What did you wear all week?!

Black, black, and more black! Although I don’t tend to wear a lot of black, it actually made it pretty simple each day to pick out an outfit. It was freezing in all of the venues, so I typically wore a dress with a blazer and lots of jewelry. I had planned to take pictures of my outfits before I left for New York City, but I didn’t end up having a chance to do so. If there is enough interest, I’ll recreate my looks and post pictures. For the most part, I kept my outfits safe and conservative. The clothes I wore were relatively basic, but they might inspire those of you who have a strict dress code for work.


Fun fact: my shoes were photographed eight different times the day I wore this outfit. I was so embarrassed because I’m sure my blisters looked awful!

What fashion shows did you see and which one was your favorite?

As I briefly mentioned in a previous post, I saw over 60 fashion shows.

FW schedule

I was lucky enough to see almost all of the shows that took place at the Lincoln Center, with the exception of a few shows that were more of a presentation (in this case, the models would be “on display” for an hour and guests could walk around the venue, viewing the exhibit).



While each designer’s collection was unique and brilliant in its own right, I fell in love with Luca Luca’s vibrant colors and simple detailing. What I loved most about the pieces was that they were all wearable—I would willingly pack each article of clothing with me on a trip to the Caribbean. Or a trip anywhere, for that matter.

luca luca


A few more posts about Fashion Week are still on their way!


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