Who Knew Uggs Were So Controversial?

I woke up several times throughout the night, partly because I don’t sleep well when I’m sick, and partly because I was nervous that I would oversleep this morning. When I rolled over and saw that the clock read 4:30am, I decided that I would stay awake and just lay in bed until 5am. Without even turning on a light, I fished around in my room for a pair of shorts, a mismatched t-shirt, and a tattered sweatshirt. Ragamuffin at its finest.

After this post, I received a comment questioning my ability to offer style advice.

ugg rant comment

Maybe “Kristen” is onto something, but I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that Ugg boots were plastered all over the pages of current fashion magazines. Or that they’re a new, up-and-coming trend for 2012. I certainly didn’t notice that it’s 32º outside and snowing in September either. And I definitely didn’t attend 65 different fashion shows by some of the most influential designers last week or anything. (Oh, and every model was sporting Uggs on the runway, just in case you were wondering.) But no, I know nothing about fashion.

leading shoes of Fashion Week

I have never deemed myself a fashion guru by any means. My blog is simply my opinion on fashion, as well as other topics related to nutrition and health. My goal and main focus is to create a space on the internet where readers can escape their mundane, day-to-day routine. I have yet to earn a college degree, so by definition, I am a professional nothing. I don’t specialize in anything, and I haven’t spent years researching. But who cares? I don’t need a piece of paper with the signature of my school’s president to make me the CEO of Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill.

I would never want to discourage anyone from being true to themselves; if you’re adamant about wearing Uggs during the summer months, be my guest. I’m not suggesting that you have to follow trends—that’s probably how you got roped into the whole Ugg craze in the first place—because trends tend to come and go; Uggs have come and gone (sorry, I had to). Don’t get me wrong, I had Uggs in every color of the rainbow. Six years ago. There’s no denying that Uggs are no longer in style, so if you’re okay with that, then great. You wear the heck out of those furry little boots.

As I have said before, nothing I write on my blog is intended to be offensive. I’m being sarcastic 99% of the time and I’m sorry if you don’t understand my bad sense of humor. Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill is the website that you pull up on your MacBook while you listen to your professor drone on about cells in Biology 101 (I can’t guarantee that your classmates sitting behind you will want to see my face though).

I thought this picture was fitting seeing as it's almost Halloween

It’s also the blog that you read to avoid the never-ending list of emails that are piling up in your work inbox, while you hide away in your office cubicle. Maybe you even Google search me on your Blackberry just so that no one knows you’re reading it. After all, websites on smart phones don’t count since the screen is so small, right? Winking smile

Regardless of how or why you got here, I’m glad you did. Just don’t be alarmed when you don’t agree with every single thing I say or when I don’t offer any kind of earth shattering, life changing advice. And here’s the craziest thing of all, if you don’t like what you see, there’s a small, red box with an X in it at the top of your screen—click on it, and I disappear! Amazing, right?

Anywaaay, back on topic here. I dropped my dad off at the airport and as I was driving back at 6am, I realized how I thankful I am that I don’t have to commute to Washington, D.C. every morning at the crack of dawn. (That would require me to have an actual job, but that’s beside the point.) Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic in pouring down rain is not my idea of starting off the day on the right foot.

If you are a blogger, how does negativity in the blogosphere affect you? Do you respond to it, or ignore it completely?

If you aren’t a blogger, how do you feel about other readers’ negativity? Do you tend to agree with the commenter or do you support the blogger’s personal viewpoints?

Do you have a long commute to school or work? Does traffic drive you nuts?


13 thoughts on “Who Knew Uggs Were So Controversial?

  1. I agree- uggs are very outdated! Ask any fashion expert and they will tell you the same thing. Fashion is an art form and there is absolutely nothing attractive about an ugg boot. Honestly, the only time I ever break mine out of storage is when I need a slipper-type shoe to wear around the house during the winter! Also, I think you have really cute style! Sounds like “Kristen” might be a little jealous 🙂

  2. I try to stay pretty positive in general in my life so any negative people or comments, I tend to not give much time to.

    Right now my commute to work is about 5 minutes but when I move out of my apartment back into my house I will be looking at an hour to and from work with traffic. No traffic – its only 20 minutes…too bad there is never “no traffic”!

  3. I think that while you do dress really cute, the stores you talk about in your blog can’t really be considered “fashion.” I’m a design and marketing major so I feel as though I’m somewhat knowledgable on the topic (not that you aren’t!) and fashion to me is Oscar de la Renta. Diane von Furstenberg. Roberto Cavalli. Donna Karan. Nanette Lepore. Alexander McQueen. Patterns and design aesthetics that you wouldn’t find on the shelves at Forever 21 or J Crew. A lot of fashion pieces aren’t even realistically wearable! For example, would you ever wear this? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_k7Y6144thOg/TPU6OQRJQMI/AAAAAAAAABM/4acKL_sGIQc/s1600/valentino.png No! Most people wouldn’t! But it’s fashion, because it’s drawing outside the lines and thinking outside the box and creating things that no one has ever seen before. And again, I’m not saying you don’t dress cute- I totally shop at those stores too! I just think that if you want people to take you seriously as a fashionista you should focus more on actual fashion and not just on trends. Because, as you mentioned, trends come and go. But statement fashion pieces leave an impression on society for decades. Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress, for example, is the Mona Lisa of our generation. I love reading about your shopping adventures but again, I don’t really consider J Crew, Anthropologie, and Ann Taylor as “fashion.” And while many of us can’t afford to buy only designer labels, I know that when I was in highschool I worked 24/7 just for the latest pair of Tory Burch flats or a DVF wrap dress. This comment isn’t meant to be negative at all! But I think that if you really are that interested in fashion, you should start writing about actual fashion.

    • No offense, but your comment shows only one thing. That you think if it doesn’t come with a gazillion dollar price tag, then it is not worth calling fashion. I highly disagree and I’ve been in the “fashion” industry for over 10 years. If you are a design and marketing major, you should study up on what fashion actually means. I’m not trying to be mean, but if you go out and look for a job with that kind of thinking, it will be hard to find one and anyone in the “fashion” industry will consider you a snob and not open to all ideas of fashion.

      • Lauren is right..J Crew, Anthropologie, and Ann Taylor isn’t considered fashion. Fashion is expensive but that’s just how it is. You don’t have to wear expensive designers to be an expert, but if you actually have an appreciation for the art form, then talk about it.

      • You are soo right Lauren. I’m so sorry I completely offended you and called you a snob, when indeed, I am in fact, the biggest snob ever. I even lied about working in the fashion industry for 10 years, I’m just that pathetic and jealous. Anyways, sorry again and you were right about everything.

  4. Colleen, you are my FAVORITE! I love your blog, I LOVE that you speak your minds, and I LOVE that you dislike Uggs! Can we be BFF’s, please?! 🙂

    Also, if I was rich and famous, I would totally hire you to be my stylist. You ARE the next Rachel Zoe (minus the whole anorexia things…that girl needs to eat some cupcakes….like a million).

    I LIVE for the day that I get a negative comment because it means enough people read my blog to disagree with something I write! HA! I think this is a sign that you have totally made it as a blogger! Congrats! 🙂

    If and when I go get a negative comment, I will undoubtedly cry because I am the most sensitive person on the face of the earth and I take everything personally. I am going to work on getting some thick skin, starting NOW.

    Sorry for the epic comment! xoxoxo

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