4:45am Alarm and a New Puppy

I’m making an attempt to get to bed extra early tonight because I just learned that I’ll need to set my alarm for 4:45am! On Monday, my dad decided that he was going to make a trip to Orlando tomorrow. He claims that he will be attending a conference, but I really just think he’s going for the warm weather. And maybe a visit to Disney World.

When I heard about his spontaneous mini-vacation, I checked my calendar and saw that I was free for the weekend. I thought about booking a ticket for myself and joining him, but he didn’t seem to be too keen on the idea. Who wouldn’t want to spend an entire weekend with me??


Apparently not my dad.

Whatever, it’s not like I really wanted to go. Besides, I’m a little sick so it’s probably best that I keep my germs confined to Baltimore. Cough, cough.

So then why exactly do I need to set my alarm that early? Because being the loving daughter that I am, I offered to drive my dad to the airport so that he wouldn’t have to arrange for a car service or park his car for the weekend. (I guess I do owe him since drove us to the airport at 3am before we left for Cancun…and helped us figure out our ticketing issues.)


Long story short, my Fashion Week posts will resume tomorrow. If you missed any posts so far, here’s what you’ll need to read:

To keep you entertained for the evening, you can coo over this little girl, Kate.





Don’t let her cute face fool you. She spent the majority of the afternoon biting me and getting into mischief.


That would be my hand and her jaw playing tug of war. Ow. And no, she’s not mine, but it’s likely that I’ll be seeing a lot of Kate in the future. She will be cute…once she is trained.

What time do you set your alarm for in the morning?

Do you have a dog? What kind?



5 thoughts on “4:45am Alarm and a New Puppy

  1. haha i try to do this with my dad every time he goes to China… for some reason he isn’t interested .. lame. Your puppy is SO CUTE! I actually have two puppies one is a border terrier and she just turned a year and I have a bulldog mix who will be a year in October.

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