Behind the Scenes: Fashion Week, Take 1

There’s lots of things to cover in this post! First off, hello to all of my new readers! It was difficult to get everyone’s contact information during the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week, but many people assured me that they would remember to check out Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill. Smile

I also want to thank everyone who guest posted for me—I loved them all! If you need to catch up, be sure to check them out.

Yesterday, the weather was still gloomy at the beach, but my mom and I decided to head out for a long walk in the late afternoon. I took her on my usual route to Fenwick, covering a little under four miles.

gloomy beach

rough ocean

On our way back, we stopped in a few different stores (I wish I brought cash as I found a bunch of cute clothes at a surf shop!). We felt a few raindrops, but luckily escaped any major downpours.

dark clouds1

We enjoyed a simple dinner fit for a five-year-old—pizza and smiley face french fries! I also ate some juicy cantaloupe on the side (yum!). Oh, and a few handfuls of candy corn while I watched the movie Life As We Know It. Winking smile

smiley french fries

I swear I'm not in kindergarten

This morning, I took care of a few errands on foot. I needed to pick up some sweet treats from Candy Kitchen but also wanted to get some exercise, so I walked to the further location. It just figures that that particular one was closed, so I ended up going to the one that is three streets away from my condo. I next went to Wawa to get my mom a coffee and then proceeded to spill it all over the counter near the register. I was mortified, but the cashier was nice enough to let me get a replacement for free. I was bummed that we had to leave the beach just when the sun started to shine, though I’m hoping to go back next weekend.

sunny day

Now it’s time to start my series of posts highlighting my trip to New York City! I’ve received a lot of requests to cover many aspects of my trip, so I’m breaking it up into parts. Be sure to let me know if you’re curious about something or want to know anything specific!

I blogged very minimally during my time in the city, but you can read about how I met this girl for dinner at Dos Caminos, gawked at Rachel Zoe at the Supima show, sipped wine and shopped in SoHo for Fashion’s Night Out,

wine and handbags--can't get much better

saw the season finale of Project Runway, was horrified by Lindsay Lohan’s appearance, chatted with Mandy Moore, and finally, met my lifetime goal by seeing MaryKate and Ashley Olsen in person.

For my first fully-detailed Fashion Week post, I’m covering my general responsibilities so that you can get a feel for what exactly I was doing. Here we go!

My trip was jam-packed from the minute I arrived in New York City to the minute I left. The night that I arrived, I met Jamie, another blogger, for dinner. Fashion Week officially kicked off the following morning, Thursday, September 8. A few months ago, Jen was in New York City and discovered that a friend of hers, Sam, works for IMG, the company that produces Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Sam mentioned that she was looking for volunteers and was even gracious enough to let me stay with her for the week.

Jen, Layla, and Sam at Burgerfest in NYC

Because Sam played a big role in the production of Fashion Week, she would usually have to arrive before everyone else and leave after everyone else. For the most part, we would travel together in a $220,000 Mercedes-Benz cab since her apartment was far from Lincoln Center, where Fashion Week is held.


We arrived on site most mornings by 7:30am and stayed some nights as late as 11pm. Our schedule was inconsistent though; our start and end times varied day to day, depending on the number of shows each day.



Lincoln Center Plaza

For the entire week, I was given the job of a venue manager. I worked with three other volunteers, each one of us manning a different section. In addition to the designer’s guests, a select amount of invites are also given to IMG sponsors. As a venue manager, I was in charge of seating the sponsors in our designated seats. At each show, there were guests who did not have a seat, but were allowed to stand in the back behind all of the seats. A few minutes before a show would start, these standing guests would be permitted to sit in any empty seats available.



This caused a bit of stress for me because there would often be people sitting in our seating for sponsored guests, meaning that I would have to politely ask them to move. Most of the time, people were understanding and were more than willing to move. However, I did encounter a few unyielding guests. The designer would often have last-minute guests, so the PR team would seat them in our section. This then resulted in a very frustrating battle. Everyone joked that I was in charge of crisis management because I would end up resolving all of the seating issues, which was far beyond my job description! The three volunteers that I worked with were much more experienced, so I was given the section with the least number of seats. It was supposed to be the easiest section to be in control of, but turned out to be the complete opposite. I was also near the backstage door, so several celebrities brushed up against me as they worked their way through the crowds.

looking official in my blazer and credential

Speaking of celebrities…holy cow! I met my celebrity quota for a lifetime. It was intriguing to see so many of the people that I’m used to watching on a television screen in real life. After I would seat my guests, I would engage in a conversation with them. Most topics of discussion revolved around famous people—we also joked that I had a gossip corner because I would give guests a full run-down on celebrity juice before the show started.

For the next post, I’m going to give you the scoop on the rich and famous. Stay tuned! Smile

How do you deal with rude people? I usually try to kill others with kindness, but sometimes I just can’t help myself!

Are you a fan of candy corn? I typically find that people either love it or hate it! I personally look forward to it every Halloween season!


11 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Fashion Week, Take 1

  1. So sad we didnt get to meet up – But it will definitely happen!

    I’m so jealous about your fashion week volunteering! I wish I would’ve had that opportunity. I cant wait to hear the scoop tomorrow 🙂

    I love candy corn – pure sugar baby!

  2. I hate when I’m supposed to be the person in “authority” and I have to deal with unyielding people. It’s so frustrating.

    I love candy corn! But I think I always eat wayyy too much during the fall season, and then I have my fix for the year. But I only like the classic ones– not the big, pumpkin-shaped ones.

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