Fashion Week Questions

I now know why New York is known as the city that never sleeps. Whew! Over the past couple of days, I have been thinking about how I am going to recap my Fashion Week adventures in the city. I am definitely going to write about my general responsibilities and describe the atmosphere, but I’m sure that there is a lot that you’d like to know! If you have a specific question that you’d like to ask or if there is a particular topic that you’d like me to discuss, you can leave a comment, write on my Facebook wall, email me at, or tweet me @colleenkoches. Ask anything (don’t hesitate)!

I have another guest post; this time from Meredith! I love her blog because the content is always different—variety is necessary!

Hi, readers of Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill! I’m Meredith and I blog over at Food, Shoes, and Booze. I was so excited when Colleen asked me to do a guest post while she is on her AMAZING trip to NYC!

If you haven’t seen my blog before, here’s a little bit about me:

Picture 1

I’m a graduate student going to school for Speech-Language Pathology. Next week, I will be starting work at a school in the city. Do you know what that means? I’m really busy!

In the past, when life got hectic, the first two things to go out the window were my workouts and my healthy eating. I would resort to pasta and jarred sauce an embarrassing number of times a week.

picture pasta

When I started losing energy and getting stomachaches from not eating well, I realized that I had to make working out and healthy eating a priority. Over the summer when I was less busy, I got into the routine of going to the gym 5-6 times a week and eating more fruits and veggies. My hope is to continue this routine as I plunge into the craziness that is the life of a grad student. So here are some tips for healthy living in the midst of a hectic schedule.

#1) Pack your lunch. Whether you’re going to work or going to school, limit the number of times you go out to eat. It’s cheaper and usually healthier. I typically eat lunch around 2:00 (I have class at an awkward time so I eat a late lunch), so I bring a piece of fruit for a snack at around 12:30 (apples are the best, especially at this time of year)! For lunch I usually have a sandwich or salad, carrot sticks, and a little chocolate for dessert.

#2) PLAN YOUR MEALS. This is HUGE, and it’s a task that I’m trying to work on more. You’ll save money by not buying excess food at the grocery store, and you won’t resort to eating spaghetti and jarred sauce every night!

#3) If you have a farmer’s market nearby, go on the weekend and pick up cheap veggies and fruit for the week! You’ll be motivated to eat it within the week because it goes bad quickly. I hate throwing away food, so I always try to eat the veggies every night!

Picture 3

#4) Go to sleep early. If you go to sleep early, you can wake up early and go to the gym. I’d rather go to the gym early in the morning and get the workout out of the way. I tend to lose motivation throughout the day, so if I waited until after work or after class to go, I would probably end up skipping it. If you go in the morning, it’ll get your blood flowing, make you feel more energized for the day, and make you feel accomplished!

#5) Plan your workouts before you go to the gym – you’ll waste less time sitting around trying to figure out something to do! Planning your workouts can be scribbling down a Fitnessista workout on a random, crumpled piece of paper like I do!

Picture 4

Hopefully these tips motivate you to stay healthy during a busy week, month, or year! If you have any tips that you use, feel free to share!

Only two more days left then I’m back to the real world! Bring on the Fashion Week questions!


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