Trekking Across the City with a Purple Suitcase

We were making good time on the bus until we approached the Lincoln Tunnel. After the bus came to a solid standstill for 45 minutes, the man behind me took matters into his own hands and began making a few phone calls. He spoke with several police officers and was finally directed to the correct department to inquire about the traffic. His persistence discovered that a bus had broken down in the tunnel and ended up blocking both lanes. The traffic set us back an hour, but I still arrived in the city by 6:30pm last night.


Luckily, it was only drizzling at the time, though empty cabs were sparse. I put my navigational skills to the test and managed to find my way to my friend’s apartment all on my own. Yes, I trekked over a mile lugging a huge purple suitcase, an overstuffed purse, and a loaf of banana bread, but at least I got a little extra exercise!

I quickly dropped my stuff off then hailed a cab to Dos Caminos, where I met Jamie for dinner. When I found out that I would be in the city for over a week, I emailed Jamie to see if she’d be interested in getting together. I was so glad that we had the opportunity to meet last night because she was just as great in person as she is in her blog.

dos caminos

We sat outside to avoid waiting 30 minutes to eat, even though it was a little wet. Jamie and I discussed a wide range of topics, from blogging, to boys, to jobs. We talked for nearly two hours, but once the rain started again, we called it a night and parted our separate ways. We must have been really busy chatting away as we didn’t take a single picture. That, or perhaps it was because the humid, sticky weather makes for some not so pretty hair. Confused smile

If you haven’t already yet, you should check out her blog, The Sometimes Healthy Living Blog. She is hilarious, gives easy and wacky food combinations, and isn’t afraid to be herself. I loved meeting Jamie!

Wish me luck on my first day!


8 thoughts on “Trekking Across the City with a Purple Suitcase

  1. It was so so nice meeting you as well! You are incredible and amaze me with your drive and dedication. I am certain that you are going places and can’t wait to see what happens next for you. Going to love reading about all of your Fashion Week escapades. Again, text me if you need ANYTHING!

    Hope to see you again and enjoy your time here in the Apple. We love having you here 🙂

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