Chase for the Bus

**This ended up being posted later than expected, but I typed it as if it would have been posted Wednesday afternoon, when I was traveling to NYC.

When my alarm sounded at 6:15am this morning, the beating of the rain on my window was practically begging me to stay in bed. If I didn’t remember that I still had to catch up on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor Pad, I probably would have. Knowing that I’m going to go nearly two weeks without a workout also helped.

Fifteen minutes later, I was on the treadmill and had Holly’s annoying laugh blasting through my television. By the show’s end, I completed six miles. Side note: how psycho is Erica?? I don’t like Blake, but was she seriously trying to force him to get intimate with her because they were partners??

blake and erica
I fixed myself a fast breakfast afterwards then showered and started checking off my packing list. I’ll be wearing black all week in New York, but I still felt like I was missing a bunch of things. I guess we’ll find out!

I was hoping, praying actually, that my ride to the city would go much smoother this time around. Unfortunately, I somehow knew that wouldn’t be the case as soon as I stuffed my luggage into my car. My mom was dropping me off at the bus station, but it was flash flooding when we left, making it extremely difficult to see the road. Worst day EVER to travel. And I’m not even being dramatic.

pouring rain charlie

The rain was so heavy that we missed the small sign signaling the bus stop’s location. We had no choice but to get back on the highway and get off at the nearest exit, which then confused us. I was panicking at this point because the bus was scheduled to leave in ten minutes and I didn’t have anyone to hold the bus for me like last time (I am so embarrassing). Plus, I was worried about getting stuck with a seat on the upper level, which is not good news for me.

Time was ticking, and after trying to find our way through the torrential rain, I spotted a bus in a parking lot. It wasn’t the correct location, but I figured the driver could offer us some help. Too bad he was clueless. More freaking out and driving around ensued, but we managed to find the stop right on the dot. Only one thing was missing: the bus.

I rushed up to some other people who were carrying luggage and asked if they knew if the bus to New York had already left. To my relief, the bus had not yet arrived and was actually running behind schedule due to the inclement weather.

As I tweeted and status-updated, I’m drenched from head to toe, my Marc Jacobs bag is ruined, and I’m sitting on a [cold] bus for three hours, but at least I’m headed to NYC for Fashion Week! Oh, and I even convinced someone to let me take their spot in the very front of the bus.

tweets rain 2

And now I’m blogging as we drive through New Jersey! Smile

Did you experience the crazy rain today?

How do you deal with rain? I tend to curl up with a blanket and a movie, but some days that’s just not possible. Ugh.

P.S. In terms of blogging this week, my posts will be limited, but I have some awesome guest posts lined up. I originally planned to take pictures of my outfits ahead of time, but that just didn’t end up happening. If I get a chance, I will take some each morning, though I can’t guarantee I will be able to swing that. My outfits mostly consist of a black dress and a statement piece of jewelry anyway!


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