Stolen Grocery Cart

I was seriously blown away by all of the kind comments, emails, and tweets that I received after making my big announcement. It’s an exciting time for me and I am extremely appreciative of everyone’s support.

Now let’s discuss where I’ve been (though I’m sure you could probably guess!). Smile


Since Hurricane Irene prevented me from coming to Ocean City last weekend, I knew there was no way that I was missing a beach vacation during Labor Day weekend. My family and I have sat in endless hours of traffic to now know the prime time to travel to the shore—definitely not after schools let out on Friday or at 9am on Saturday morning. To beat the rush, we planned to leave late Friday night which worked perfectly. The glistening lights along the horizon greeted us when arrived in Ocean City by 11pm, bringing me to feel a sense of nostalgia. Though I usually come to the beach on weekends in September, my schedule is swamped this year and I might not be able to come back any time soon. I’m excited for the fall, but the unofficial end of summer just came so abruptly.

ocean city skyline

After fighting over the last loaf of bread in a grocery store during a holiday weekend at the beach, I undoubtedly did my food shopping before leaving Baltimore. Plus, in case you didn’t know already, I’m a total food snob. If I had it my way, all Food Lions would magically disappear. I made a trip to Sam’s Club to pick up the basics. You know, 36 English muffins, 8lbs of peaches, and 40 yogurts.

cart full of food

As usual, it took me a solid five minutes to pick out a container of strawberries. But what was not so usual was that when I turned around to place the container that I finally settled on into my cart, my cart was missing! I was in the refrigerated section, aka the area that contains the fresh produce and is really just a cold room, and there was only one other cart in there. I can understand mistakenly taking another shopper’s cart, but this person had plants and all kind of random things in it!

I could have just gone and gotten another cart and picked out all of my food again, but you know how picky I am. I mean I analyzed all four packages of English muffins to ensure that they had an adequate amount of nooks and crannies. It makes or breaks an English muffin. So instead, I walked up and down the aisles peering into everyone’s carts. Obliviously reaching for a box of mini quiches, a spacey woman was standing with a cart containing my bag of perfectly crunchy apples and my almost-ripened bananas.

Once I spotted my cart, I awkwardly approached her and insisted that she had accidentally taken mine. She was apologetic, but I still don’t understand how you fail to notice that you have the wrong cart after placing several items in it.


I crashed in my bed shortly after arriving to the beach, so I woke up early on Saturday morning ready for a workout. Jen came along with me and we decided to just walk a fast-paced three miles then run the final mile.

The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent finishing the book Baby Proof by Emily Giffin. I really liked this book, but was expecting it to be a continuation of Something Borrowed and Something Blue. When I learned that it was based on new characters, I was initially put off. Once the plot thickened, I continued to want to read more and more. The ending was a bit predictable and I easily saw it coming; nonetheless, I suggest yet another book by Emily Giffin if you’re looking for something fun and lighthearted.

baby proof 2

I joined my dad on a walk along the water, which wasn’t as pleasant as it sounds. Hurricane Irene had significant effects on the beach’s structure—the entire beach was flat, making it impossible to sit within 50 feet of the shore. We had to move our beach chairs a minimum of five times just to avoid getting washed away!

beach 1

beach 2

How did you spend your last weekend of the unofficial end of summer?

Have you read Baby Proof?

Did you read any good books this past weekend (or lately)?


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