Fourth of July on Repeat

On Saturday, we made plans to get off the beach a little earlier than usual so that we could meet up with a bunch of Jen’s college friends in Dewey Beach. We had a blast the last time we went, so we were more than willing to make the drive up there to join in the fun at Bottle & Cork, an indoor/outdoor venue featuring live cover bands. We arrived in Delaware by 6pm and made our way to the front of the stage as soon as we found our group. We couldn’t help but laugh that the band was composed of men clearly over the age of 40, but that’s what makes this particular bar so much fun; there’s a great range of ages, so your parents can tag along without embarrassing you both the young and the more mature adults can have a good time. Winking smile


Though the main singer of the second cover band was a little weird (she had some seriously funny dance moves and had an odd outfit choice for a warm summer night), we still enjoyed dancing for a few hours and taking in the different sights. We eventually worked up an appetite, so we walked to the nearby pizza joint, Grotto’s.


Grotto’s is a local spot in the Delaware beaches, but a new restaurant is opening up next summer across from my condo (which is probably a bad thing!). We ordered a cheese pizza to refuel us for a few more hours.


After our stomachs were satisfied, we walked a few blocks to the bar Northbeach. Jam sesh, Grotto’s pizza, and Northbeach? Sounds familiar…at the end of the night, I realized that we visited the same exact places when we went to Dewey Beach during Fourth of July weekend.

northbeach bar_thumb[1]

Northbeach has a great atmosphere and the DJ sticks to upbeat music, making it easy to dance to, so I didn’t mind going there again. There were also two bachelorette parties at the bar, so everyone enjoyed watching the brides-to-be revel as the center of attention. We even saw a guy dressed in a banana suit! When we asked for a picture with him, he surprised us by jumping into our arms. It was hilarious, so we were beyond agitated when we later realized that the dumb girl taking the picture failed to press the correct button. Grrr.

banana man_thumb[1]

By 11pm, Jen and I had our fair share of excitement and hit the road to make it back to Ocean City by a reasonable hour. Hunger—aka late night cravings—got the best of us, so we stopped at McDonald’s on our way. I can’t bear the idea of eating their “food,” but ice cream is a whole different story.


I’m going to miss fun nights at the beach, but at least there’s always next summer!

What local spots do you repeatedly visit at the beach?

Did you go to any concerts this summer? I typically go to one big concert each summer, but I actually enjoyed only going to smaller concerts this year (though Kid Cudi at the pier ended up being huge!)

P.S. Outfit post is coming soon!


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