Beer-Drenched Bar Top

The other night, when I went to the Orioles game, my mom noticed my shoes and asked if they were comfortable enough to walk around in. I told her that they have recently become my “bar” shoes, as they are comfortable, cute, relatively inexpensive, and smell like beer (ew). Therefore, I thought they were a great option for a baseball game! Judging by the amount of alcohol that was spilled on me the last time that I went to Bottle & Cork, I assumed that this time would be no different. I was correct. I kept my outfit simple by pairing a crochet top with my favorite pair of white shorts (that I bought in 2005 in ninth grade!).


Beaded Gold Hoops: The Bead

fashion post 1

Coral Crochet Top: Urban Outfitters

White Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch (the only item that I ever wear from that store)

Gold Braided Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Gold Watch: Michael Kors

Turquoise Wristlet: New York and Company

Just in case you’re wondering, by the end of the night I did in fact end up drenched in water/beer/mysterious fruity drinks/other people’s sweat. Disgusting.


10 thoughts on “Beer-Drenched Bar Top

  1. I always get nasty things spilled on my shoes.. and my feet get stepped on constantly so they get dirty so fast! I have comfy bar shoes just for that reason! I only wear my cute heels when I know I’m going to a place where everyone isn’t wasted and I can actually sit down 🙂

  2. At least your bar shoes are cute! I just wear ugly shoes to baseball games because they inevitably get ruined by someone’s drink. I absolutely LOVE your top! The color is so pretty and anything crochet is up my alley.

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