My Big Announcement

I wasn’t planning on going on a rampage last night, but I can’t help voicing my opinion when it involves a topic that I’m deeply invested in. Since I didn’t have a chance to recap the day after writing my lengthy post, I’ll do a brief overview now.


I had to work in the morning yesterday, but I came home early enough in the afternoon to fit in five miles on the treadmill before picking up Brian and Ali from school. We ran a quick errand then they easily convinced me to stop for frozen yogurt. We were near Yogoya, a small shop that recently opened, so we opted to go there instead of Tutti Frutti.

Yogoya had limited flavors, but the coffee flavor sounded promising. Unfortunately, it was not as good as I had hoped it would be. It tasted like sour yogurt and lacked the flavoring that coffee-flavored ice creams have. I was disappointed, but the chocolate and vanilla flavors made up for it. I topped it with some brownie pieces, a few peanut butter M&M’s, toffee bits, and Reese’s cups. I can’t pass up any form of sugar, but this cup of frozen yogurt had me longing for HaHa’s. Melissa and Tina, wanna drive three hours with me to get some?

yogoya fro yo

Between traffic and rush hour, we made it home right around dinner time. My dad was working late last night and my mom was attending “Back-to-School” night at my siblings’ high school, so dinner was up to me. Natalie and I wanted to take a short walk in the neighborhood before it got too dark, meaning that I needed to fix a fast meal. Tacos it was! While the meat was cooking, I sliced up some grape tomatoes and avocados. Dinner was ready in 15 minutes—you can’t beat that.

tomatoes and avocados

The rest of the evening was spent furiously typing away on my laptop while watching the Ravens pre-season game with my brother and sisters.


I love that Natalie is also living at home this semester because we have extra time to catch up with one another and I can usually coerce her into exercising with me. She texted me early this morning (yes, we are the type of family that calls each other on the phone when we are on different floors) asking if I wanted to go on another walk in the neighborhood. I’ve run out of shows to watch while on the treadmill and Regis and Kelly are all replays, so I was more than game to go with her.

I don’t always eat before working out, but I needed food this morning. I cooked some spinach intending to add it to an omelet, but then realized that I was all out of egg whites. Instead, I topped an English muffin with the spinach, one whole egg, and a slice of cheese. Delicious!

spinach english muffin

Natalie and I took the hilly route and came back famished after walking for an hour. A cold, double-chocolate smoothie was exactly what I was craving! I sprinkled chia seeds on top and ate it in about five seconds. Oh, and I inhaled a juicy peach the second I walked in the door.

chia seed smoothie

My Big Announcement

If you’re a newer reader, you might have missed my post when I discussed a serious topic that had been eating away at me for a while. During the fall semester of last year, I was faced with a big decision regarding my future. Although the majority of students end up switching their majors at least once during their college career, I knew that I wanted to be sure of where my life was headed.

At 20 years old, I do not need my entire life to be mapped out in front of me, but I am extremely aware that I perform best when I am passionate about what I’m doing. I entered college as a pre-pharmacy major; I truly love chemistry and I think it’s a great field for women, but when I was signed up for all labs for my third semester of college, it hit me. Pharmacy did not capture my interest. I couldn’t soak up enough information in my chemistry class, but I mostly loved it because I ended up working as my professor’s aid and was able to help a lot of my peers, which was extremely fulfilling.

I know this sounds utterly ridiculous, but the mere realization that I wouldn’t be able to wear a cute dress and a great pair of heels to work disappointed me. A white lab coat is not the least bit fashionable, even with great accessories. The idea of working as a pharmacist did not excite me. It sounded b-o-r-i-n-g.

During the first week of my classes, I quickly replaced all of my science courses with business and writing courses. I was interested again, and was actually eager to complete assignments. It also occurred to me that the fashion industry was right up my alley, but quite honestly, it was daunting at the same time. I knew that I didn’t want to do design, but what else is there? After conducting a lot of research, I discovered that there really is much more to the industry than just creating clothing.

I took action and started actively reaching out to different people in the field, hoping that they could help me in some way. After doing a little bit of networking, I discovered that I had a random connection to Tory Burch. I was put in contact with a girl who had previously interned for the designer, and I had high hopes of things working out. Unfortunately, nothing came of it because she wasn’t willing to return my emails. I was disappointed, but continued to work towards my goals.

By the winter time of this past year, I was determined to spend my summer in New York City. A few opportunities arose, but nothing seemed quite right. Even though I could afford to rent an apartment for a few months, I wanted to land a job as well as an internship. When June rolled around, I passed up my options and scrambled to make things work here in Baltimore instead.

I didn’t make any commitments, but I ended up having a great summer and had a flexible schedule. As cliché as it is, everything happens for a reason. I was initially bummed that I wasn’t in the city for the summer, but an unbelievable opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago. I will be spending over a week in New York to work as a volunteer for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!!


This is a dream come true and I am beyond grateful that I am able to be a part of this experience. Unfortunately, because it is a high-profile event, I will not be able to blog about the ins-and-outs of Fashion Week, but I will tell you that I know I will have an amazing time.


Although my main purpose of traveling to the city will be for Fashion Week, I am also looking forward to being in New York on September 11th to remember the tragedy that struck the world ten years ago. The energy in New York is contagious, and I feel honored to be among it on such a significant day.

In the past couple of months, I have also realized how much I enjoy writing and specifically blogging. I have a lot of upcoming projects that are not only exciting for me, but will hopefully also overlap with my blog and will be of interest to you. I am heading out of town this afternoon and will essentially be away for the next two weeks, meaning that my posts are going to become a bit sparse. I am going to post when I can, but I am likely to be working 15-hour days while in New York. With that being said, I would love to have some guest posts set up. I’m going to be reaching out to a few bloggers, but if you are interested in doing a guest post, please feel free to reach out by emailing me at

Whew! Sorry if I bored you to sleep! I just had to put it all out there, as I’m sure many people face these same struggles at least once in their lives.


12 thoughts on “My Big Announcement

  1. oh my gosh CONGRATULATIONS!! that is so exciting! I know a lot of people feel “stuck” in their majors once they start and then regret not getting out when they had the chance. I’m so glad that you knew you weren’t in the right place and actually DID something about it. It looks like everything is working out so well for you and you are going to have an AMAZING week at fashion week (how could you not?!?!) GOOD LUCK and we will miss your blogging but at least we know you’re not blogging because of something amazing!

  2. Wow! This is such exciting news for you! First of all, congrats!

    And it’s good that you are doing what YOU want to do; what YOU’RE interested in 🙂 And I mean, I know things haven’t really worked out so far with internships and stuff, but I am POSITIVE they will sooner or later. Just keep working at it, keep grabbing ANY experience you can get a hold of, and keep networking/talking to people who have been there. You’ll get it! (And volunteering is a GREAT way to do this) — but wowww, this is such a great experience for you … Wish you the best and HAVE FUN 🙂

  3. Hey Coll, one of my gf’s has worked in the fashion industry in NYC for 6+ years. She worked as the Director of PR for Claudia Ciuti shoes and most recently was promoted to work as a buyer for Saks online. I would love to introduce you two, I’m sure she could help you with some tips along the way. Let me know!

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