Shamu at H&M

Last night, after dropping my sister off at class, I went to the mall with the intention of going to J.Crew and checking out the new Madewell store that just opened in Towson Town Center. I ended up getting completely sidetracked, and by the time I made it to the fourth level, the doors at J.Crew were already closed. The sweet sales associates at Madewell were more than happy to let me shop around after 9pm, but I knew they were itching to go home for the evening.

For once, I went to the mall with very specific items in mind. Although I was in search of black dresses, an awesome pair of sequined Kate Spade flats caught my eye. I walked past them and continued on my search. Okay, I might have tried them on then walked away, but at least they didn’t end up in a shopping bag. That counts for something, right?

sequined flats

As I exited Nordstrom, the bright red H&M sign was staring back at me. Forever21 and H&M are usually places that I overlook, simply because their clothing is of poor quality and I don’t like wearing the same thing as every other girl in the 13-35 demographic. However, something tempted me to go inside H&M and I’m actually glad I did as they had several items that I needed.


I even tried on the various pieces that I picked out—quite a rarity for me! For the past several years, I’ve had the tendency to just buy what I like then take it home and try it on when I have the proper accessories, am wearing the correct bra, and am in better lighting.

This awful picture just proves that the lighting is horrendous in dressing rooms (and that I’m a terrible photographer).

black dresses

For a better look at what I got, here are two of the dresses that I found on H&M’s website.

dress 1

dress 2

I also loved this dress, but there was only one left and it was too big.

dress 3

Confession: sometimes I try on and even buy clothes that are seven sizes too big. When I fall in love with a piece, I just have to have it. If it’s a cardigan or an unstructured dress, I can usually make it work by belting it or layering it. The technicolor dreamcoat was a total exception in this case. That thing could not work, no matter how much I loved it.

Even though this dress was a size 10, I thought it just might work because H&M’s sizing is totally skewed. Does anyone else feel like Shamu the whale when they shop there?? Unfortunately, the dress actually was too big, but I did buy a similar sheath dress (which I couldn’t find online) in a size 8. It’s no secret that a lot of companies have vanity sizing, but come on. I think a size 8 is pushing it!

At the end of the day, I realize that the number on a tag doesn’t matter. What’s the point of squeezing into a smaller size when it’s completely unflattering? I think a lot of people struggle with this concept—it’s more important to worry about the way something looks, rather than the size that it is.

So what’s with all of the black dresses? You’ll have to wait to find out! I have a huge announcement that only a few people know about, but it’s an exciting one! Stay tuned!

Do you shop at H&M? If so, do you usually size up…by a lot?

Do you like to try clothes on in a dressing room, or at home?


10 thoughts on “Shamu at H&M

  1. Yeah I definitely have to grab multiple sizes of things to try on at H&M cause I never know! And I do always try on clothes… if I’m at somewhere like Target I’ll just grab stuff and buy it, but in a nice store I love trying stuff on!

  2. I just find it a little offensive that you consider a size 10 figure to be “shamu.” I have a lot of friends who are very beautiful and very skinny, but they have big hips and therefore have to size up.

  3. OK, so I just went shopping at H+M last night! I always expect to buy things in crazy ass sizes. I bought a skirt in a size 4, a button-down in a size 8 and another super-loose shirt in a size 12! That’s all they had left and I wanted it, PLUS I wanted the really loose look because I have tight, high-waist jeans that I wanted to balance with something short and very loose on top. ANYWAY, my sizes are all over the place there. I have size 2 items and I have size 12 items. I like to think that you can buy pieces according to how you WANT them to fit, not how you think the store wants it to fit. My sizes aren’t consistent anywhere. OH, and afterward I went to Forever21. That was hilarious. I tried on a size small dress and it was close to a sausage casing on me…but I know a medium would have been too big, too.

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