Oozing Blood

Despite having a night full of tossing and turning, I still hopped out of bed by 6:45am this morning. My siblings were expecting to have another day of summer vacation, but to their surprise, they finally had their first day of school today. Since I live at home and am very much involved in my siblings’ lives, I felt like it was my first day of school as well.

Getting back into the usual routine, I packed lunches for Brian and Ali, making sure that they would have proper fuel for a day full of classes. Once they were on their merry way, I watched the season finale of Pretty Little Liars while on the treadmill. I understand that the show is supposed to be suspenseful, but quite frankly, I’m just getting annoyed that the show isn’t progressing. Instead of finding new discoveries to move forward, it seems like the show is just moving laterally.

pretty little liars

By the show’s end, I had finished 3.5 miles. Since it was a perfect temperature outside, my mom, Natalie, and I deemed it the ideal time to go for a walk.

Natalie and I had a limited amount of time before we both had to babysit, so we decided to do a loop near our house. Every time I go this particular route, I regret it. I do not like smelling cinnamon-flavored gym socks when I’m trying to get some fresh air!

The rest of the day was consumed by running Camp Kochesfahani, which has become the norm in the past couple of weeks. I had a brief meeting this evening and was starving by the time I arrived home. I picked up some lean ground beef the other night, so I thought I would grill some burgers. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m the last person who should be in charge of a grill.

Luckily, Brian helped me turn it on (all of the knobs are intimidating!), and I thought it would be smooth sailing from there. Wrong. Given the fact that it was after 8pm by this point, it was becoming difficult to even see the burgers. My growling stomach was rather impatient and the lack of light didn’t help. After they were on the grill for what I thought was long enough—aka when I got at least forty bug bites—I put them on a plate and took them inside.

I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure blood isn’t supposed to be oozing out of cooked meat. Thank goodness for microwaves. As I’m sure you can imagine, I was totally grossed out. I usually eat ground turkey, but I’m trying to incorporate some red meat into my diet as a source of iron. I think I’ll leave the grilling to Brian and my dad from now on.


Big announcement is coming tomorrow!

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? What are your thoughts?

Do you know how to grill, or do you leave it to the men?


6 thoughts on “Oozing Blood

  1. Ohhhhh I wonder what the big announcement is!!!

    I don’t watch Pretty Little Liars. But I watch every trashy reality tv show known to man and am always happy to discuss those extensively. I’m missing the Challenge Reunion right now and instead laying in bed reading blogs. It was a tough choice but I don’t have tv in my bedroom and I couldn’t risk falling asleep on the couch watching trashy reality tv.

    I don’t know how to grill unless it’s on a Foreman!

  2. Oh goodness, I am just about to watch the “Pretty Little Liars” finale on my DVR. It is a guilty pleasure, but lately it is just too much! It is an 8PM soap opera! One of the girls I babysit is 12 and wants to start watching it and I told her that I am not even old enough to watch this show! The drama is so crazy!

    • The drama definitely is intense! One of the girls that I babysit is 11, but she’s very mature so I have to be mindful of what she watches with me. Then again, I definitely was already wrapped up in these kind of shows at that age (but on a lesser scale!).

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